Child Birth

“What’s It Like Giving Birth?”

“What was it like?’ This is a question I have been asked a lot since I’ve had my daughter (still feels weird saying that!), especially from my childless friends. I’ve also been told I was lucky as the birth I had was quick and easy (this is according to family and friends that have had children).

I will make this short and sweet because some details could make those expectant mothers feel uneasy and I don’t want to ruin the element of surprise!

First off I will say every woman’s birth story is different! Some people say it is horrible, some woman go through it once and some multiple times. For me personally, the contractions were the worst part of labour, not the pushing. I found that when it came to pushing I was really just excited about meeting my daughter! (Plus I had a very firm grip on the gas and air by the time I was pushing!). The contractions were definitely the worst part of my labour, especially as I went from 0-10cm from my first examination to my second in 7 hours on just paracetamol and codeine!
Anyway all in all I would go through it all again to have my little girl! I also could not have got through it without my partner, my mum and the midwives!
Thanks for reading, I’ll leave you with our first picture together!

Siobhan x