Anxieties in Motherhood

I am now almost three weeks into being a mother. Three weeks! Time is going very fast and as much as it has been one of the hardest learning curves of my life so far, I will miss my tiny newborn.

I think some people take to being a mother very naturally and some take each step as it comes. For me, I feel took to being a mother but I was not prepared for the influx of emotions surrounding this little person I would be filled with.

These emotions take over you very intensely! I am so filled with love for my daughter! But along with this comes worries and anxieties that you are not good enough. The 3am wake ups are are the worst, although I could of slept for at least 3 hours between the last feed and this time I didn’t because every noise she made worried me, the guilt of feeling frustrated at having to get up at this time to change her nappy, and then being up till 5am trying to settle her back into her bed.

I woke up this morning absolutely shattered. But I would not change my life right now for anything.

Did you feel this way after your first baby? How do you feel you took to motherhood?