Aoife – A Six Week Update

This week I reached week six of motherhood and what a mental six weeks it has been. More so because of Christmas and New Year and I couldn’t be more relieved we can enter a bit of normality in our daily routine! Here are my top 5 things I have learnt about being a mother…

1. Sleep… If you are pregnant and reading this I cannot preach enough MAKE THE MOST OF IT. Especially if like me you have a daughter that is most comfortable sleeping cuddling! I currently get about 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep a night and that’s only if I can convince the baby that sleeping in her crib is better than with mummy!

2. Breastfeeding… I have no idea what made me want to breastfeed more than formula feed but I was pretty determined. My determination to breastfeed combined with seeking support in the right place definately made my breastfeeding successful so far. I am especially thankful of the support of my partner during the early days of engorged boobs and getting the perfect latch!

3. Showering… I hate the shower we have in our bathroom, it’s not powerful enough and you have the front of your body in it at the same time as the back but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the times I get to have a shower (twice maybe three times a week if I’m lucky).

4. Shopping… All I will say about this is strangers will want to talk to you about your baby and it’s a little bit annoying to be honest…

5. Nappies… Be prepared to change a hell of a lot of runny poos! And try and dodge them!

Tomorrow we reach the start of week 7! Thanks for reading!



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