Aoife – A 3 Month Update

I’m a tad late with this one as we are now almost fifteen weeks into our parenting journey! Where has the time gone?! A lot has certainly changed in the last nine weeks as compared to my six weeks post! Here are my top five things I have learnt…

1. Breastfeeding
I reached my three month goal! Next stop six months! It’s not been the easiest journey and I never expected it would be, it’s been three months of sore nipples and engorged boobs! People say it takes six weeks to get into a rhythm but in my case it was more like twelve weeks before the pain went away.

2. Babywearing
Wearing my baby was something I never imagined or thought I would do. I now regularly wear Aoife and I love it. Nine times out of ten she will fall asleep in it and sometimes it is so much more practical than using a bulky travel system.

3. Sleep
It does get better! I now get about seven hours of broken sleep a night and she sleeps in her own crib! She also has regular naps in the day! Now to wait for the dreaded teething to come along and disturb all that.

4. Mother & Baby Groups
I have enjoyed getting out and socialising with other mum’s with my babies the same age. So far we have attended Sing and Sign: Babes which was a lovely way of learning songs and connecting with my daughter, I now have to wait until she is four months to do Stage One. We are also three weeks into Baby Massage as well which is very lovely and Aoife absolutely loves it!

5. Bath Time
We have now discovered that Aoife likes her baths warm and to be with Mummy or Daddy! She still always looks slightly shocked but i’m going to enjoy relaxing bath times before it becomes a play time!

I wonder what Aoife will be like in our six month update!

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