Cloth Bum Mum

My Top Tips For Using Cloth Nappies

As it is Real Nappy Week I thought I would share with you all my experience of being a cloth bum mum so far. We are still very new to using reusable nappies and it has been about a month so far!

Currently with Aoife I am using mainly Bambino Mio all-in-ones, these are basically a pocket nappy with the microfibre insert already attached to the nappy. These are pretty much foolproof and very easy to use, an added plus is they are super cute!

We also have some experience of using tots bots all-in-ones and “cheapie” pocket nappies with microfibre/bamboo/charcoal inserts.

So to coincide with this I have gathered some top tips for those of you that are curious about using reusable nappies:

1. When you are just starting out it is a good idea to look out for a local nappy library. Most cities have one. These are an excellent place to get a feel of what make is suitable for you and your baby/toddler.

2. Take out a trial kit from your local nappy library, for these you normally pay a deposit and borrow for a certain amount of time.

3. Try (or buy) a couple of different brands (there is a minefield to choose from) of nappies and wraps. Try them out and stock up on your favourites. If starting from newborn get a few newborn nappies and then try out birth to potty (these tend to fit from around 3 months). We started at 3 months which suited us, if I was to have another baby I will definately consider using cloth from birth.

4. Wet bags are a good investment, as opposed to buying a bin. Fill the bag with the used nappies and turn it inside out straight into washing machine. Then chuck the bag in with them. This way you don’t have to handle the messy nappies.

5. Reusable wipes are another way to clean your child’s bottom, I haven’t yet invested in any wipes but I plan to as we seem to spend a fortune on wipes!

6. When washing your nappies it is best to use a non-bio powder, using liquid and gel forms seems to clog up the fibres in the inserts.

7. As soon as they are dry, make up the nappies before putting them away with the liners already positioned ready for when you need them.

8. Disposable liners/ fleece liners go in the nappies to create a layer between baby’s bottom and nappy, protecting their bottoms from wetness.

9. Hang nappies out on the line to dry after washing, even in the rain. The rain softens the nappies and sunshine is magic at getting out soiled stains.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and if you are considering using cloth I hope this advice is helpful.