Aoife – A 6 Month Update

I’m a tad delayed in this post (how does anyone get anything done when they want as a parent? Surely I am not alone in my attention demanding 6 month old?!) also we have just returned from our first (and much needed) holiday with Aoife! Anyway here my thoughts on our six month milestone!

I am often described as being an “earth mother” or a “hippy mother” because of my parenting style and personally I take these statements as compliments. I am doing the best I can by my daughter, who in all honestly has taken over my world.

I do things differently to a lot of people (including some very close friends) but I also know lots of people that do things the same way as me. Either way I have a lot of respect for those with children. As a member of staff in a day nursery I could never truly empathise with parents as I wasn’t one! Now I can completely understand the parents that were tired, worried, stressed. It is bloody hard work being a parent!

I am continuing to enjoy a breastfeeding relationship with Aoife, one I will continue until she is ready to stop. I would not of got this far without the support of peer supporters, my health visitors, my family, friends and of course Luke. It has been a challenging experience but one I have truly relished in and learnt a lot about (but that’s a whole other post!)

Aoife currently enjoys maneuvering around large spaces by rolling (she is currently showing signs of wanting to crawl!), she also enjoys when we go for walks (either in the baby carrier or pushchair! Whichever makes the journey easier). She is sleeping amazingly, we bed share and it definitely makes the night feeds (sometimes once, sometimes five) a lot easier as I just sleep through them!

Aoife is also enjoying experiences new tastes and flavours, we have gone along the Baby-Led Weaning route (personal preference). Current favourites are Cucumber Sticks, Peanut Butter Toast, Sticks of Red or Yellow Pepper and Pork!

I cannot wait to see where we are in another 3 months time, as my beautiful keeps on developing a lovely, cheeky personality!

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