Baby Led Weaning

The Pros & Con’s of Baby-Led Weaning

As some of you may know, I decided to go along the route of baby-led weaning with Aoife, and almost 2 months in I am not looking back! I thought I would share with you some top tips from other mum’s I have encountered on a very helpful facebook group (Baby Led Weaning UK) I have added the link for those of you interested and in need of a support line! The group is filled with mum’s that have done BLW and mum’s that are about to start!

Here are some of the pros and cons according to mum’s I have spoken to:-

Linda P, Plymouth

Pro – “I can eat a hot meal and watch my baby enjoy hers at the same time”

Con – “[It’s a] bit nerve wracking at first”

Caroline F, Hungerford, Berkshire

Pro – “It’s easier to go out, eating a meal as a family, not having to make sure food is prepared to puree”

Con – “Continuously having to pick up spoons off the floor and when they chuck stuff the length of the kitchen!”

Sarah M

Pro – “So much easier to eat out, far less hassle eating at home. I get to eat with him instead of feeding him then eating my own meal cold. He learns exactly what he likes and doesn’t like rather than refusing a whole meal because it’s all blended together. No worrying about whether food is the right consistency for him.”

Con – “Porridge covered dog, being unable to eat a single thing without sharing. Having my spoon stolen. Him going around play group hoovering up after snack time!”

Sarah W, Buckinghamshire

Pro – “Makes it easier for mama to look after herself too!”

Con – “Looking calm and serene on the outside, while feeling anxious on the inside as you allow your baby’s gagging reflex to do its thing, at the same time as eating your dinner and being poised to leap into action if required! It can be tough at first.”

Chanon W, Loughborough

Pro – “Starting proper food, no wasting time making mush!”

Con – “Lots of mess and wasted food!”

Here are my top tips for getting started with Baby Led Weaning:

1. Look up the difference between gagging and choking (This is a massive one to look into, as it can be very nerve wracking at first. Knowing the difference between gagging and choking helps you feel better!)

2. Make sure knowledge of what to do if baby chokes is up to date.

3. Look out for the key signs baby is ready for food before starting (these normally occur at about 6 months)

4. Get a good high chair that baby can sit upright in and reach the tray

5. If breastfeeding offer milk first.

6. Can offer water in a beaker.

7. Remember 1g Salt per day.

8. Baby eats what you eat.

9. No honey before 1 years, no whole nuts before

10. Chop fruits that pose choking hazards into quarters (grapes, cherry tomatoes etc), squish blueberrys, serve foods in sticks.

11. Offer soft foods on pre-loaded spoons or let baby dig in

12. Be prepared for mess!

13. Don’t worry about introducing foods one at a time.

14. Don’t worry if baby doesn’t show interest straight away!

15. It is okay if baby doesnt have teeth yet.

Hopefully this has been of some use to those of you considering baby led weaning!