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Why We Chose To Do Baby-Led Weaning

Aoife has been weaned onto food now for about 2 and half months. She had her first tastes of food on the day she turned six months. Personally I didn’t see the point in giving her food any earlier, I want to cherish all aspects of her being my baby! I was in no rush to give her food, she is a happy baby and she loves her milk.

Myself and Luke decided that (after A LOT of research) baby-led weaning would be the path we would take with food. Our approach with Aoife has always been very much baby-led. She sleeps when she is tired, has milk when she is hungry etc. I can barely give myself a routine and I wasn’t about to force one onto my daughter. So it suited us perfectly. I also didn’t like the idea of essentially force feeding my baby mushy food (no offence meant to anyone that does, but it was not for me!).

I would say baby-led weaning has worked tremendously for us. Aoife has a very healthy appetite and loves most foods we give her (apart from, ironically, mushy foods like mashed potato or banana!). Some of her current favourites are spaghetti bolognese, watermelon slices, cucumber and toasts (with a variety of toppings including marmite, peanut butter and cheese!).

Some of the benefits I have found are it enables us to eat the same as a family (no extra preparation for baby’s food), we can eat at the same time as I don’t have to spoon feed!, supports development of fine motor skills; Aoife’s pincer grip is coming on amazingly and she loves picking peas and blueberries up one at a time! Also she has been introduced to a wide variety of foods!

I know baby-led weaning may not be for everyone but I thought after writing an informative post previously, I would share my own opinions and reasons for following this method!

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    1. We started weaning when little one was 6 months as recommended by the NHS. Prior to this she was EBF. She got the hang of it by the time she was 7.5/8 months and eats an array of foods. I would say be brave and trust your baby. The first food I gave was toast! Look up what to do if baby chokes and also the difference between gagging and choking! Siobhan x


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