What is Gentle Parenting?

I seem to see a lot of “parenting methods” thrown about at the moment, one of those terms being “gentle parenting” which can also be known as “attachment parenting”. I wouldn’t like to name the way I parent, as I haven’t aimed to follow a certain style of parenting but I would say the way myself and Luke parent has seemed to fall into the gentle/attachment parenting.

Parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith classifies gentle parenting using three words; Understanding, Empathy and Respect. She also states that gentle parenting differs from AP (attachment parenting) as AP follows a strict set of principles as its guidance. I will link to an excellent blog post she wrote a couple of years back with a very informative table on it!

The gentle parenting website states six steps to becoming a gentle parent, these are;

  1. Resolve to respect your children.
  2. Resolve to empathise with your children.
  3. Allow your children to have their own opinion and make their own choices.
  4. Reset your expectations to what is age appropriate and normal.
  5. Take time to nurture yourself.
  6. Give them your attention.

This is just a short informative post for those of you that may wonder what I mean when I refer to gentle parenting in my blog posts!

Here are the links I previously mentioned!

Thank you for reading!

Siobhan x