Joining the Working Mum Club

I have been back at work just over a month now, and although I hate leaving my precious baby at home. I needed it. I needed the opportunity to use my brain again and do what I love most (I work with early years children).

I ummed and ahhed for a long time about what I wanted to do. I was going to take a full year off and go back when A was 1! I was going to start up my own business so I could work from home. I was going to just be a stay at home mum. But ultimately I wanted to go back to work. Yes I feel guilty at times but in today’s society that is pretty much a given. Mother’s are berated for going back to work too early, too soon or not at all. We just can’t seem to get it right.

A is not in formal childcare (didn’t seem right to me being a nursery nurse) and spends my days at work with either of her grandmothers, her grandfather or her great grandparents and on the very odd occasion with her Dad. I’ve seen these relationships blossom which is lovely. We have an excellent attachment and I feel secure knowing my baby is with people I love and trust.

Going back to work after a baby is not a light decision to make. You are leaving a precious part of you for up 12 hours a day! I chose to return to work part-time rather than full-time so I got to spend that extra time alone with my daughter. Other make different choices and that is okay too.

Whatever happens and whatever your choice. Never feel guilty for doing what you feel is best in terms of working.


Mummy Times Two