Babywearing and Me

Today I want to talk about babywearing! Something I have come to love since becoming a mother!

Aoife at 5 weeks in the Close Caboo

Now when I was pregnant “babywearing” never really crossed my mind, i’ll be honest I was super excited about having a pram to push around! I had been exposed to babywearing through a family member and her use of Ring Slings.

Aoife at 12 weeks in the Close Caboo

When I had Aoife I was then given a Close Caboo carrier as a gift. It took me a few weeks to be comfortable with carrying Aoife, I don’t think I really got the hang of it until she was around 10 weeks old and was less tiny! If I was to have another child I think I would feel confident from birth now!

Snuggling up in our baby wearing coat!

These days now Aoife is nearing one, I use either a ring sling or a Connecta baby carrier. The connecta is super comfortable and it is definitely 50/50 as to whether I choose to use the carrier or pushchair these days!

Snuggling up to Daddy on holiday in June 2016!

If you are new to baby wearing or considering it here are my top tips!

  1. Always follows the T.I.C.K.S. guidelines.

Image result for ticks. babywearing

2. For newborns I would recommend a stretchy wrap or a carrier like the close caboo. These are flexible and extremely comfy for a little baba.

3. As the winter months are approaching and it is the season for puffy coats and snowsuits, as with the general rule of car seats these kinds of outerwear are not necessary with a sling. A general rule of thumb is to layer up and remember the sling counts as a layer.

4. Carriers are great for those with high needs babies that like to be carried around. It means you can give your child the comfort they need and want but still have your hands free!

5. There are many types of carrier. I would recommend visiting a sling library in your local area and having a try of a few. You are able to hire before you decide you want to buy.

And just for fun here’s some more of our babywearing pics!

A selfie in the toilets at a wedding!

This ring sling was my saviour at the weddings we attended in the summer! If I hadn’t of had it with me I would of had one unsettled baby!

Sleepy snuggles on a walk back from baby group!

Testing out my connecta when it finally arrived after 6 weeks of pre-order! I was like a kid on Christmas morning when this came in the post! I have the connecta in Zoology.

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