20 Facts About Me (Just for Fun)

I’ve been tagged by Chezz (Big Little and Me) to tell the world 20 facts about myself, I can imagine this is easier than it sounds!

1. I am trained in Early Years at postgraduate level with Early Years Teacher Status and I am currently acting Deputy in a nursery. Now if you had told 18 year old me (adament I was going to be a successful dancer or actress, bless me) I would have scoffed in your face!

2. Following on from fact 1 I have a BA Combined (Honours) in Dance and Drama, I decided on a career change when I left university at 21 and lost my drive for it whilst studying!

3. I am IDTA trained in Intermediate Ballet and Pre-Associate Freestyle teacher. I was a member of my dance school from the age of 10 until 24. I left after dancing my last show at 9 weeks pregnant šŸ™‚

4. Whilst on maternity leave I trained with the NCT as a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter. I became super passionate about giving the right support to mothers that want to breastfeed after some lack of support whilst I was in hospital following the birth of my daughter (4 days!).

5. I want at least 3 more children (just throwing it out there Luke!). Coming from a family of four children I always had a friend to play with and as we reach adulthood we are still the best of friends! Plus I absolutely loved being pregnant and the experience of giving birth!

6. I am a tea fiend! Although I will mainly drink Earl Grey! Other favourites include Fennel, Salted Caramel Green Tea and Strawberry Tea!

7. In houses that aren’t carpeted I have to wear shoes or slippers! I hate being in socks or bare feet on cold floors!

8. I love a good soak in the bath especially with Lush bathbombs and a good book to read! When I was pregnant I had a bath almost every day haha!

9. I don’t really have a favourite colour and tend to where black, white or neutral colours! But I love Aoife in yellow and navy!

10. I hate sleeping alone and get very anxious when I am in a house on my own! Although that rarely happens as Aoife sleeps with me šŸ™‚

11. My family mean the world to me! They are the best support network!

12. I have few close friends but I know I can count on the ones I have!

13. I have no hair! Three months after Aoifes birth I developed (suspected) alopecia and last month I had it shaved off! Best decision I made for my self confidence!

14. I have 3 tattoos. A moon on my left foot, a sun on my right foot and a rose on my right calf. I also have seven piercings; 2 on each ear lobe, the top of my left ear, my tongue and septum. I used to have my belly button but removed when I was pregnant and a stretched ear lobe but took that out as I missed matching pairs of earrings haha.

15. Luke and I have been together for 5 years.

16. When I went into labour with Aoife I had been having contractions for 16 hours before I realised what was actually happening! I was 36 weeks and had finished work the day before! Certainly wasn’t prepared for her!

17. I drive a ford fiesta zetec that is about 17 years old. It does the job but my dream car at the moment is a Nissan Qashqui! Pre-baby it was a Fiat 500!

18. I intend to get Aoife an extended rear facing car seat and keep her that way as long as possible! Car seat safety is not something I compromise on!

19. I am addicted to buying Aoife reusable nappies! We have far more than is necessary but I love them!

20. I look forward to Christmas every year! I love the time of work to spend quality time with family!

Well there you have 20 facts about me!

I tag Lauren from Belle du Brighton!