Pumpkin Picking with my Pumpkin, Halloween 2016

This year there seems to have been a bit of a trend in the UK of going to farms to pick pumpkins. It’s such a lovely thing to do with family and although Aoife is only 11 months we still had a lovely time looking at all the pumpkins and picking our favourite!

We went to a local farm, Boundary Farm in Leicestershire. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but the farmer greeted us on entry and showed us the direction to the pumpkin patch and the barn where there were hundreds of pumpkins already picked!

We went home with two munchkins and medium sized pumpkin for £7, pricier than the supermarkets but I personally, would rather my money goes to a hard-working, self-employed farmer than a huge supermarket!

We also had lots of fun (me from a distance, pumpkin guts freak me out!) carving the pumpkin and engaging in some messy, sensory play! I also made a sensory bottle for Aoife using the pumpkin seeds!

Thanks for reading,

Siobhan x