Aoife, On Your First Birthday

Well I made it. I’ve been “Mummy” for a whole year! It has been a year since I unexpectedly went into labour at 36 weeks pregnant, having only finished work for my maternity the day before! I was wholeheartedly convinced I just had bad belly ache and needed to go to the toilet. After ringing my own mum at around 3am on the Sunday morning asking what to do! I had given birth 12 hours later and my new role in life had begun! I was a now a Mother.

The whole experience of being pregnant, giving birth and then giving yourself up to the needs and mercy of a newborn baby is something you can never imagine prior to it happening. For me I was consumed with an overwhelming love and need to care for this little human that had just made its way out of my body. I needed to stay close for as long as possible, and that is what I did. I have let Aoife lead me in this latest part of my life and I can honestly say she has taught me to be a mother and stay strong when I’m feeling down.

A year has gone by and I am still consumed with love for my little girl and watching her grow and develop is one of the most amazing experiences. She has gone from my tiny, reliant, squishy newborn to a babbling, cheeky, almost toddler! We won’t call her a toddler yet as she isn’t toddling haha! She is most definitely still my baby!

At present Aoife still rules the roost, we bedshare (yes she is still in my room and I love it!), breastfeed (Aoife very much loves her boobies and I love how they make a bad situation better; teething – BOOB, bumped head – BOOB, tired – BOOB, scared – well you get the idea!!), cloth nappy, babywear and baby led wean! All experiences that I have learnt along the way and we have thrived doing.

Aoife is incredibly chatty and sociable, she isn’t walking yet but she gets about crawling! She has three teeth (soon to be seven!!) and her favourite foods are cucumber sticks, fish fingers and watermelon. Her favourite game is Peek-a-boo, she loves the Teletubbies and loves to dance (or wiggle her top half, it’s very cute!).

My little girl is growing up. A whole year with my little blessing. In the throws of losing my hair the only thing that has gotten me through such a horrendous time is the support of my partner and the love of my little girl, realising that I am not number 1 in my life anymore, she is. She comes first in all decisions I make!

Happy First Birthday my Beautiful Girl.
You have taught me to be selfless. You have taught me to be care-free. You have taught be to appreciate beauty in all its form. And most of all you have taught me to be a mother and the love and joy that brings.

Mummy loves you millions.

Always and forever.