12 Days of Parenting 2016

12 Activities to do with Children during the Christmas Break

Well my daughter is only 1 years old but this year I want to make the most of the time I have off this Christmas. As I imagine do most parents with their children whilst they are off school, nursery etc. So here is my list of ideas for things to do during the Christmas Break!

  1. Visit Santa’s Grotto!
  2. Visit a theme park for Christmas Celebrations. Although I have not attended any I have heard good things from family member that have visited Thomasland at Drayton Manor!
  3. Visit family! If Christmas is not a reason to go and visit family you have not seen for a while I don’t know what is!
  4. Make homemade Christmas decorations! I plan to make salt dough decorations with Aoife this week 🙂 (I will post about this once done!)
  5. Do some Christmas baking!
  6. Have a pyjama day! Snuggle on the sofa and watch some Christmas films!
  7. Go for walks around your neighbourhood and look at Christmas lights!
  8. Go to a Carol Service.
  9. Go see a super cheesy pantomime!
  10. Go to a Christmas Market. We had a brief visit to Birmingham’s Christmas market which looked lovely!
  11. Go and see your cities Christmas lights!
  12. Have a clear out of old/unwanted/unplayed with toys and donate to those less fortunate!