10 Reasons I Rock at Being Aoife’s Mummy!

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Becoming a parent is such a massive change to life! But being a mother is one of the most rewarding (if difficult) jobs I have had!

Here are my 10 reasons I am rocking being a mum…

  1. Despite completely winging it I seem to be doing okay at this mum thing! Don’t get me wrong I have my shitty days but honestly I take each day as it comes and follow my instincts!

2. I do my research! If its one thing I am careful about it is the health and safety of my daughter! I waited until 6 months to start weaning (as advised by the NHS), we are continuing to have Aoife rear facing in the car (there are various sources relating to ERF and how much safer it is, although UK guideline haven’t changed just yet) and I will hopefully continue to nurse Aoife until she is two (as advised by WHO guidelines! and maybe longer if she wants!)

3. Following on from instincts in point 1. I have always gone with what felt natural to me… Breastfeeding, BLW, Bedsharing, ERF, Babywearing…. the list goes on!

4. I spoil Aoife… She is my world why should I not?

5. I give the best cuddles and kisses! Nothing quite like the love from your child!

6. I give Aoife my all. She is my world and I am so consumed by love for the little life I created.

7. I make a great reading buddy and playtime buddy. Aoife loves books (heavily influence by me there!) and loves nothing more than to share her books with me!

8. I am bringing Aoife up with an open-mind. To be respectful to all people regardless of age, colour, sex, abilities etc.

9. I do my best to be gentle and understanding of Aoife’s emotions. I will continue to validate all of Aoife’s emotions big or small! The best way to raise an empathetic child!

10. I am raising Aoife to make good choices about food! I encourage water as a drink, minimal salt and sugar and lots of fruit and vegetables!

How are you #RockingMotherhood? What would
your 10 reasons be?

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