What’s to love on TV for Babies and Toddlers?!

I am going to be completely honest here and admit to using the TV to distract my 13 month old when I need to get stuff done. Despite being adamant when I was BB (Before Baby) and Pregnant that my daughter would never watch too much telly (oh how I laugh at my ignorance!) I do admit to putting it on for her. Prime times are when prepping breakfast, getting ready for work/day at whoever is looking after her and as wind down time in the evening.

Some of Aoife’s faves (I mainly use Cbeebies on iplayer as we don’t have a satellite hooked up to our telly!) are:

  • Baby Jake (Luke finds incredibly annoying, but Aoife loves the catching songs and baby Jake’s babbling!)
  • Teletubbies – Aoife loves watching older children!
  •  Dino Paws – Don’t really know what is about this one haha!
  • In The Night Garden – Pre bedtime viewing.
  • Hey Duggee – Aoife does a little wiggle to this when the theme tune plays! Also a fave of mine and Luke’s!

I also approached my fellow parenting bloggers to find out their children’s favourites!

Jenni @ Chilling with Lucas says “My favourite TV show is Ben and Holly. My son’s favourite is Twirlywoo’s although at the moment he settles best when Baby Jake is on”.

Rebecca @ The Ish Mother says “Favourite TV: Nelly and Nora. I love how the sisters play together so nicely and spend so much time outdoors”

Rebecca @ Mummy Est. 2014 says “Favourite TV show: ‘Tee and Mo’ on Cbeebies is my favourite. I don’t know if it counts as a TV show but it’s basically a short show which is a song sung by Mummy Monkey to Little Monkey. There’s different episodes/songs about ‘tidying up’ and ‘going out’. Our absolute favourite is the bedtime song. Whenever it comes on J will sit on my knee and we’ll watch together and I will sing along. Always end in a kiss and hug…the he runs away!”

Kristine @ Max and Kai says “My faves and my kids differ haha. my eldest is a Paw Patrol addict. I’d rather he watch something like gummy bears. We’ve seen every season of PP about ten times over”

Sarah @ Digital Motherhood says “My 5 year old loves anything on Disney Jnr! Mainly Sofia and The Lion Guard”

Laura @ Five Little Doves says “My youngest is obsessed with TwirlyWoos, he literally goes crazy quacking when it comes on and tells me to be quiet if I dare to speak! I don’t get the appeal but at least it makes a change from Mr Tumble!!!”

Sophia @ Tattooed Tealady says “We try and limit TV time but we love watching In the Night Garden together. I think it’s the music, we all love it and Willow has ended up with quite a collection of the toys!”

Helena @ Baby Foote says “My 4 year old loves Blaze on Nickjnr at the moment. Like we get home and he’s instantly “can I watch Blaze please?” and today my 2 year old had my phone in the car and he discovered how to get it on there. So there is now literally no escape from Blaze”

Mandi @ Hex Mum says “My two youngest love Paw Patrol, Wallykazam, Team Umizoomi and Oddbods”

Elaine @ Entertaining Elliot says “My 4 year loves Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, well anything to do with Andy… Prehistoric/wild/baby animals! He also likes Swashbuckle and Justin’s House….All about CBeebies here!”

and last but not least….

Naomi @ Not a Perfect Parent says “My little girl is 11 months and she loves the theme tunes to Justin’s House, Bing and Rastamouse! She doesn’t really watch the programmes it’s just on in the background but as soon as the music starts she starts dancing!”

Thank you to all the Bloggers that responded! Very much appreciated!

Aoife engrossed in Dino Paws the other morning whilst I got ready for work!

Thanks for reading,

Siobhan x

6 thoughts on “What’s to love on TV for Babies and Toddlers?!

  1. Baby jake haha haven’t seen that in a while! Eric likes twirlywoos, teletubbies, do you know, Andy’s baby animals, my pets, Andy’s pre historic adventures haha he loves Andy’s shows


  2. I think my kids watch too much cartoons! especially this time of the year when its so cold outside, we spend most days indoors. Peppa pig is a serious addiction, I really need to give them a break with that lool and Paw Patrol they love! oh and Teletubbies! the list could actually go on lol .


  3. I’m the same…i always said ‘no screen time before 2’ but our tv has become a babysitter (whilst I start tea), an educator and Cbeebies bedtime is part of our rout


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