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I was tagged by Nat at Handful of Halfpennys and Sarah at Boo, Roo and Tigger Too to answer the following question about my bedtime routine! Thank you Nat and Sarah!


Describe your usual bedtime routine.

In one word it would be chaotic ha! I bedshare with Aoife (Luke works nights) So most nights I get in bed when Aoife does and feed her to sleep. If I can then be bothered I prep our bags for the next day, make myself a drink and settle down for the night.

What are your favourite pyjamas?

My current favourite pyjamas is a one piece. A jumpsuit that Luke got me from Primark for Christmas. It’s so comfortable and is strappy and crossover. Very easy to feed Aoife in during the night aswell!

What is your current bedtime reading?

Not much at the moment to be honest. I keep meaning to start reading Room by Emma Donoghue.

What would I find on your bedside table?

Due to our room layout, we don’t have bedside tables. We have a small set of plastic drawers that house random bits and bobs but we also place the laptop on top of it.

What scent makes you sleepy?

Lavender every time!

What is your usual bedtime and wakeup time?

I would say I normally get to sleep between 10pm – 12am. Wake up time if I am working is between 5.30am – 6.15am. If I have the day of from 7.30am.

What are your top three bedtime products?

Make up wipes (if I have worn any make up), toothpaste and floss.

What is your most common sleeping position

I normally sleep on my side curved around Aoife. Either that or on my front.

Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

Aoife 🙂

What is your worst bedtime habit?

Thinking too much before sleeping!

I tag Vicki at tippytupps to complete the same questions! I look forward to reading them ladies!

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