Car Seat Safety, It Matters!

As the 2016 came to a close it was becoming very apparent that we needed to upgrade Aoife’s car seat. Her head was very close to the top of the seat and she was almost at the weight limit. I had decided early on that I would continue to keep Aoife rear-facing in vehicles as long as possible (4 ideally! longer if she fits), hence her getting 13 months of use out of her infant car seat.

After extensive research I realised I would struggle to fit the most popular makes of ERF seat in my old car (the likes of Joie and Axkid were a no go!) After much thought Luke and I decided it would be best to travel to our nearest In Car Safety Centre to find the right seat for my car.

It turned out to be a very good choice as there was only ONE type of seat that could fit in my little car, the Britax 2-Way Elite. This seat can be fitted with a lap belt, lucky really as my car does not have isofix! The seat is rearward facing until 25kg so plenty of growing room for Aoife. It is described as being a very versatile seat, with one of the best reclines of any 25kg extended rear facing seat.

Now onto why we chose to travel an hour away, pay £200+ for a car seat and rear face for as long as possible when there were cheaper, forward facing options available closer to home.

Firstly, I chose to travel to an In Car Safety Centre so as to get an appropriate seat for my car. After researching online I couldn’t find any information on what would fit in my car. I knew from recommendations that the In Car Safety Centre would be able to tell me and then properly fit the seat.

Secondly, we chose to spend the money on the seat because it will last Aoife until she is around 4 years old, maybe longer. Meaning the cost of the seat spread over the years is around £50 a year! Well worth the money if you ask me and you most definitely cannot put a price on safety which brings me to my last point.

We chose to extended rear face as long as possible because it is safer. It is said that a child in a rear facing car seater is 5x safer than a child in a forward facing seat. To read more about the facts of extended rear facing check out this article.

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  1. I don’t drive but I have friends who are soooo passionate about extended rear facing and I do think it is safer. Isn’t it true that something like in Sweden they have erf until 7? Don’t quote me on that! X

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