Learning to Walk (supported) and climbing the stairs!

During the past two weeks Aoife has shown signs she is ready to walk! I’m not particularly concerned she cannot walk yet (at 14 months) but I am extremely excited! She suddenly decided of her own accord that she wanted to walk along with her walker toys and holding onto adults hands! She is a very stubborn little monkey and I have no doubt she will walk when she is ready ha!

Another new skill Aoife has learnt is getting down from the bed and sofa by herself. She masters these things so quickly that I sometimes feel I cannot keep up!

Thank you for reading and maybe in the next little leaps Aoife will be Walking independently!

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One thought on “Learning to Walk (supported) and climbing the stairs!

  1. J didn’t walk until 15m. Instead of taking a first step he did a first stride and walked from sofa to tv unit. I think he was waiting till he perfected walking in his head before showing everyone haha x


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