15 Months of Motherhood

It’s official, I’ve been a mother for 15 months. I’ve survived the first year and now throw myself into a whole new territory… the toddler years! I welcome the next load of new skills and temper tantrums with open arms.

I cannot believe it has been a whole 3 months since Aoife’s first birthday! She has changed a ridiculous amount in those short 3 months and learnt many new skills!

New skills for miss Aoife include climbing off the bed backwards (we are still bedsharing at present), climbing up the stairs, walking with a walker, standing alone, blowing kisses and lots of babbling and new words; “cat” is still a favourite!

We have literally just this weekend finished decorating Aoife’s bedroom and put up a toddler bed. I plan to take my time with the transition but she does love spending time in her bedroom. It’s only taken us 15 months to finish what we started (an earlier than expected arrival is to blame for that!) Aoife is still breastfed, wearing cloth nappies and enjoying being carried in the connecta!

Aoife is now using a fork and spoon at meal times (or at least attempts to!), we now have 6 teeth! I think on our last update she still only had 3! Current favourite foods include fish fingers (nothing new there), sweetcorn, peas and pasta! Her favourite toy is her interactive tree house and she loves to watch The Furchester Hotel, Bing and In The Night Garden. She still very much loves to boogie! I can’t wait until I can start taking her to dance classes!

Aoife has become very affectionate over the last few weeks. She gives cuddles and kisses all the time!

Thank you Aoife, for bringing me 15 months of happiness you cheeky, little monkey!


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