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What is so great about Cloth nappies anyway?

For my second post of Real Nappy Week (only my 2nd post of the week, unfortunately I have been shattered this week because of work!), myself and some of my fellow cloth bum mums are going to tell you all about our experiences and preferences of using cloth nappies! I met these lovely ladies through an online nappy group and we pretty much chat every day! Isn’t it amazing the power of the internet! Hopefully, one day we get the chance to get our little cloth bum toddlers together but for now the internet will do!

 This is one of the first pictures I have of Aoife in cloth! We started when Aoife was around 12 weeks, although it was only part time as I was too nervous to use them out and about and at night 🙈 we ended up all the time in the day at about 4 months. I eventually found a night nappy I trusted when Aoife was about 6 months old. My only regret is not starting from birth! I wish I had known more! I can’t exactly remember how my cloth journey began but when I was pregnant I purchased some bambino mio two parter nappies from Aldi (which I didn’t actually end up using 🙈) then thanks to midnight feeds I discovered a whole cloth bum community on Facebook!

Now to meet some of the wonderful ladies I have “met” thanks to the Facebook cloth bum community! (I say “met” as we only talk online!)

Katrina, Bradford.

We have been cloth bumming since Isla (my 2nd child) was 7 weeks old. She is the only 1 that I cloth bummed. My preferred cloth nappies are WAHM made because I feel they last longer for daily wear, I also like that they bring more choice! When we began cloth bumming I researched on the Internet and also a friend had suggested them to me. My top tip would be that if you tumble dry your nappies for 10 minutes before air drying them they will stay much softer, without adding to the cost of laundering.

Sarah, Stirling.

We have been cloth bumming for about 14 months. I currently have 1 of 2 children in cloth (my eldest is in disposables). My favourite custom makers are Cloth Rockz and Cuddly Bums because they are great and so beautiful. My favourite shop bought cloth nappies are Bambino Miosolos. They fit really well and last amazingly when boosted, the prints are gorgeous too. I was first influenced to try cloth thanks to Aldi! Aldi had an offer on reusable nappies so I bought a pack, researched it and chickened out of using them on my eldest. I was already receiving comments about baby wearing from my in-laws and I didn’t have a support network. When Olive was born we were living in the UK Surrounded by my family and I felt stronger and ready to give them a try. My top tip would be to purchase a fleece blanket and then cut it up into rectangles to use as reusable liners – cheap and stops any staining on your beautiful cloth.

Katie, Felixstowe.

We have been using cloth for 12 months with my youngest daughter, the youngest of 5 children! I don’t have a particular favourite brand but I find Charlie Banana nappies fit well. Although, custom hybrids are prettier. I was introduced to baby wearing by a friend which then lead me into the world of cloth. It’s a minefield when you get started, take your time, try out different brands – use the nappy library if you have one nearby. It’s all trial and error, so keep perservering until you find what works with you. Even cloth bumming part time is better than no time 💜

Kelly, Plymouth.

We have been using cloth nappies for 14 months with our first child. Our favourite brands are Cloth Rockz and Cuddly Bums hybrids. They are super soft, cause no rubbing, excellent for a heavy wetter and they have a selection of beautiful designs! I was recommended cloth by a friend and they managed to convince me just how simple it was. My top tip would be to use fleece liners to protect those nappies.

As you can see from the images we are all quite taken with our customs! We have not exaggerating these images do no justice to how beautiful the nappies are! Its win win, beautiful nappies and we help to protect the environment!

According to the Go Real Website, “Currently UK families send 355,000 tons of single use nappies to landfill each year, costing Local Authorities (and tax payers) £32 million a year”! Now that is insane! Let’s not forget the amount of money families can save by switching to reusable!

So let’s look again at why you should try reusables…

(Images taken from The Bradford Nappy Gurus Facebook, coincidently the reason Kelly, see above, started cloth!)

Nappy libraries really are an invaluable source! Reusables can be a scary idea but once you get into the swing of it they are amazing! I look forward to cloth bumming any future children from birth!

Thanks for reading!

Siobhan x

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