Sun, Sand and Toddler Meltdowns – Holiday 2017

Its official. It has been a week since we got back from our 2nd ever family holiday with Aoife. This year we went to a lovely little town called Croyde, in North Devon with my parents, my brother, brother’s girlfriend and her 2 year old son. We all stayed in the same caravan, it wasn’t bad at all and it was (thankfully) a lovely large caravan!

I am writing this post after soaking in a pink bath (thanks Lush) for around two hours. Now I don’t normally spend that long in the bath but I am pretty tired today! And the final straw of Aoife has a hysterical crying fit at the bath I ran for her because she wanted to go to bed instead  (I know this because when I asked “would you like to go to bed” she hysterically replied “yes” and frantically pointed in the direction of the bedroom) which then lead to her refusing to put a nappy on and having a wee on the bed…. RIGHT WHERE MY HEAD GOES! So yeah I just enjoyed a long soak! 

Tonight’s saga of toddler emotions reminded me a lot of our holiday antics! By holiday antics I mean certain behaviours that Aoife displayed that showed she was well and truly in the depths of toddlerhood! I also realised on this holiday how much I was missing! Being a working mum can be hard!

Anyway back to the holiday and toddler meltdowns! It was a great start weather wise. We arrived in Devon after a pretty good journey (in terms of Aoife sleeping) and the sun was shining! Although that turned out to be the most sun we would probably get, the weather wasn’t the best for the rest of the week but I’ll be honest it was just nice to be somewhere other than home and away from work for a week.

That first day we took a stroll down to the beach. Aoife loves sand so the beach must of looked amazing to her! I can just imagine what she was thinking: “Holy crap! A giant sandpit! Yummy!”. That’s right… yummy… my toddler likes to apparently lick the sand from between her toes after a walk on the beach… yeah, she’s gross.

We had a lovely day of sun the following day so had a beach day! Again Aoife had lots of fun shovelling sand into her mouth!

On the mega rainy day we visited a indoor playzone called Funderzone! Fun was had by all including my parents who enjoyed the soft play as much as the toddlers! We also visited a local attraction called The Big Sheep. A farm type family attraction with lamb feeding, duck trials, sheep dog trials, “Devons biggest rollercoaster”, a tractor safari ride and a barn full of farm animals and their babies! The biggest highlight of that barn of mummy animals; the pig feeding about 11 piglets! Hats off to you mamma pig! 

We attempted a visit to the swimming pool on our caravan site on one of the days which resulted in the biggest meltdown from Aoife. Apparently, Aoife does not like swimming. She does, however, like softplay so thank god for the onsite soft play! I don’t think I have ever spent so much time in soft play areas! Another perk to now being the parent of a toddler I suppose!

We also had lots of teething 😦 Aoife had 3 of her molars erupt whilst we were. I hate teething, there is nothing worse than your child being in pain and not being able to do anything to take it all away! Also the pain when she clamps down on my nipple during a feed is pretty sucky too!

I’ll leave you with my favourite photo from our holiday! Thanks for reading!

(P.S. just to add another mini meltdown occurred when she paddled into the water… gotta love a toddler!)

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  1. Sounds like a really lovely holiday. Funderzone and the farm both sound lovely. Glad you had a good time!

    Stopping by from #UKParentBloggers for the first time. You’ve got a lovely blog xx Tin


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