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Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy: What It’s Been Like For Me So Far! 

This pregnancy has been very different to my first for many reasons (more on those in another post!) The main reason for this pregnancy being different is that I am breastfeeding my 22 month old daughter!

A common symptom to experience in pregnancy is nipple sensitivity and that is even more so if you are already breastfeeding. My poor nipples are taking a bashing but I’ve got over halfway so far, I’m sure I can cope a bit longer 😂

I never really came to a set in stone decision to feed through pregnancy, it just sort of happened! Aoife has always been a very avid nurser and pregnancy certainly hasn’t got in the way of that! She feeds a number of times throughout the day still (less if I am at work), feeds to sleep and has around 1-2 feeds at night.

This is not always the case though, from research and speaking to other mothers it is common for pregnancy to lead to weaning from the breast.

Some mothers cannot cope with the pain or suffer terrible nursing aversions so make the decision to wean, in some cases milk production can dip or cease altogether (this hasn’t happened in my case) although some mothers dry nurse and allow their child to still take the comfort they need from the breast, and then some children aren’t the biggest fans of colostrum but it is not uncommon for children to latch again once milk production is back in progress and the baby has arrived!

My “goal” with Aoife was to always reach the recommended (by the NHS and WHO guidelines) age of 2 years! With only 2 months to go until Aoife’s 2nd birthday I am hoping we will make it (at the rate she nurses it is looking likely) then from their who knows what will happen!

I have reservations of how Aoife will react to having to share her “googie” but hope that if we reach the point of tandem nursing that it will create an amazing sibling bond 😍 as I have seen in the children of peers that tandem nurse!

Breastfeeding has been such a huge part of my journey into motherhood and it is something I feel passionately about. I cannot wait to begin my next nursing journey! Also hoping that feeding a toddler will help with the breast engorgement when my new milk comes in!

I have included some links regarding feeding through pregnancy and tandem feeding below 🙂

Thank you all for taking the time to read!

There will be more regular posts from now on!

Siobhan x

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  1. My son has just turned two and I am 8 weeks pregnant and having to wean. Unfortunately I have been absolutely floored for the past two weeks with sickness and I simply don’t have enough reserves to continue nursing my son. It is heart breaking that we’ve had to start the process so abruptly but I am exhausted. I feel proud we made it to two years. Such a mix of emotions right now.

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  2. I had never even thought about tandem feeding. It is amazing how the body can adapt as required for each baby. Truly amazing. Well done to you for lasting so long. I managed 9mths with both mine but found it very difficult in the last few months.


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