The “Due” Date…

I am due baby number 2 on 15th February 2018… but this time around I won’t be worried if I go “overdue”. I never understand how they can know anyway seeing as it is only really a prediction based on dates of your menstrual cycle. Quite impressed with myself at only being one day out when I worked out my own due date. Anyway, as I was saying, I won’t be worried if I go overdue. I have been doing my research into reaching 42 weeks gestation and seems (from anecdotal points of few) that those last few weeks are full of comments from people asking “had the baby yet?” Or intervention from midwives; membrane sweeps, booked in inductions. I’m a big believer in minimal medical intervention… baby will come when it is ready no matter how much poking and shoving is done.

However, I didn’t experience going overdue with Aoife. In fact I only reached 36 weeks of gestation and in my opinion this resulted in a lack of monitoring from hospital staff. I was told I could only be examined by a doctor as I was in “premature” labour but on a busy labour ward and with it being a Sunday… all the doctors were busy. I was examined after being monitored when I first got there and was 0cm dilated. I was told it would be a long day, as it was my first baby it would probably be a while yet until I had but they would keep me in as something was definately happening and because I was premature.

As my contractions proceeded to get stronger and stronger, I felt myself constantly asking the midwives if I could have my next dose of paracetamol and when I would be examined. After an unsuccessful bath and Luke noticing my mucus plug had come away, a midwife that came to give me some pain relief (paracetamol) decided it was time to get a doctor to me. As all the doctors on shift were preoccupied in the delivery ward, I was taken to a delivery suite. Now I can’t remember the exact time but it was around visiting hours as my mum had just arrived back at the hospital with some bits and bobs for me and luke (being organised as always I didn’t have my hospital bag packed!) So it was around 2pm, lucky she came back at that time as I had my mum down as a birthing partner! A doctor came along and did their examinations, she then looked at the midwives in the room and said something along the lines of “you better make sure you have everything ready this baby is coming” to the midwives. I was 10cm! And then urges to push began and finally those magic words were said “would you like some gas and air”… hell yeah I wanted the bloody gas and air πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Aoife was born at 3.36pm… just over an hour after that examination and 9 minutes after my membranes ruptured spontaneously. Thank god for my mum as they kept saying “would you like us to break your waters” to which my mum replied “if you’re not ready leave the waters, if she’s anything like me the baby will out straight after!”

There we have it… my take on due dates.

I think bets are on if i’ll go into labour early again or go overdue this time πŸ˜‚

Thanks for reading!

Siobhan x


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  1. Oh, congrats on your pregnancy. Due dates are only a ‘best guess’ anyway in my opinion. My ‘normal’ gestational period is around 41 weeks. So until that point I wouldn’t be late.

    My first arrived at 40+6, 2nd around 40+2 (They were spontaneous natural labours). My 3rd was an induction because I was ‘overdue’ by their terms, only 41w by my dates though.

    My fourth, my waters broke at 38+1w and my fifth was a placental abruption at 37+4 weeks.

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