Where Do I Hope To Be In 5 Years Time.

Five years ago, in 2012, I was 21 years old, Luke and I had been together just over a year and I had graduated from uni in the summer with a Lower Second Class BA(Hons) in Dance and Drama. I was working two bar jobs (a theatre bar and a nightclub) and was splitting my time between living at home and crashing at Luke’s.

Fast forward 5 years to now in 2017, I am 26 years old, Luke and I have been together just over 6 years, and I went back to uni and came out with Early Years Teacher Status. I am now the assistant manager of a day nursery and we own our own home. Not forgetting our beautiful almost 2 year old daughter, fur baby Reggie and the little bean due in February! It’s been a busy 5 years! Here’s what I am hoping will happen in the next 5 years:

In five years time it will be 2022 and I will be 31 years old! Well and truly in the throes of adulthood!

Location in 5 Years Time

In regards to location I imagine we may still be in the same area we live at the moment but hopefully in a bigger house! We currently live in a two up, two down terrace which I love but in 5 years the kiddies will 6 and 4 years old and there could even be a baby number 3 by that point!

Career in 5 Years Time

This is one I have many aspirations for but who knows if I will get there! I have hopes to do a MA in Early Childhood Education but thinking practically I am hoping to that once any children I have are of school age. I know I want to continue working in the early years sector. I would love my own nursery but who knows how feasible that would be, in 5 years time I would like to be starting out with my own nursery. In the immediate future I would like to do the required training to become an assessor.

Travel in 5 Years Time

In 5 years time, I hope to have taken my little ones to Disneyland Paris at least once! I am desperate to go again as the last time I went I was 13! That’s almost 13 years ago! I would also love to visit Lapland with the kids. Another on my wish list is Iceland. Maybe not in 5 years time but definately at some point. Tokyo is also on the wishlist!

Family in 5 Years Time

In 5 years time, the children will be of school age. Now i’m not certain on the age gap I want between the next one but I am thinking when number 2 is at preschool would be a good time, so 3/4 years age gap as opposed to a 2 year age gap! We’ll see though. Who knows what the future holds!

Thank you for reading!

Siobhan x


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