5 Things I Love About Being A Parent (and Some I Don’t)

There are lots of things I could write about love but seeing as when I started this blog I was a new mum with a baby only days, maybe weeks old (can’t quite remember without going all the way back haha).

1. Constant love – From when they are tiny you are the person your baby depends on the most! They are content in your arms, they smile at the smothering of kisses, they calm at the sound of your voice. Now Aoife is not so tiny there is still a constant flow of love. I come in from work and she comes bounding to the door, shouting “mummy!!!” And the sheer force of her grabbing my legs in embrace about knocks me over! Then of course there is that need and want to have some alone but at the cost of distressing your child. Every now and then when I try to escape for a bath I will dip my toe in and get called back downstairs to Aoife!

2. Bedsharing – I’m including this because it takes up a huge chunk of my parenting. Aoife began sleeping in our bed around the age of 4 months (thank you 4 month sleep regression!) Yes, she still sleeps in our bed a good 80% of the time but who can blame her! Mummy and Daddy sleep in a bed together and she is expected to sleep alone with no warm body to snuggle against! Yeah I can see where she is coming from and why she prefers it. Again the downside here is lack of personal space but I have to remind myself there will come a time when she will depend on me less and won’t be sleeping with her bum in my face!

3. Breastfeeding – Again something else that has made up a large chunk of my parenting is breastfeeding Aoife. Oh my goodness don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been a breeze but I really have loved every minute. Aoife still depends on “googie” quite often for comfort and to sleep at night which I have struggled with during pregnancy (my god the nipple pain!).

4. Every day is a lesson – I honestly feel you learn something new everyday as a parent! Nothing can prepare for each age and the way you have to adapt your parenting to suit it! The toddler years are very much in action here. Every day is different, we cannot predict what her mood will be that day. But as much as the tantrums are testing, she is hilarious and makes me laugh everyday!

5. The strength it gives me – Having Aoife to focus on and set a positive example to has massively helped me cope with having alopecia. Without her I could of easily of sunk into a dark place but she keeps me happy!

Thank you for reading!

See you tomorrow!

Siobhan x