What I secretly love about Bing!

Some of you may be sat there looking at that title and thinking “What the hell is Bing?” and others will know full well what I am talking about!

Aoife is Bing mad. And when I say that I mean not a day goes by that she doesn’t look at me and say “Bing, mummy?” Over and over again (this normally goes on until I cave and accept the fact she only wants to watch Bing and not my preferred choice of Octonauts or Peter Rabbit).

Back to the title of my post! Why I secretly love Bing! I can tell you first and foremost it not because of the wet and whiny bunny that gives him name to programme! My god he’s annoying but it is in fact Flop that I love most about Bing!

For those of you that have never watched Bing, Flop is basically a little stuffed, walking, sack man that cares for Bing and has the patience of a saint! He is my gentle parenting hero! Flop is the parent we all aspire to be (just me?)  He encourages Bing to “blow his angry at the clouds” during tantrums and that “its just a clumbo” when he knocks a bowl full of cereal to floor! Things I must remind myself of when I have little to no patience left haha!

Aoife this morning watching tv with Bing (surprisingly not watching Bing she was watching her other favourite Something Special, yes my child would choose the two most annoying programmes to be her favourites)

Aoife giving Bing googie 😂 No idea where she got her technique from… I certainly have never nursed in that position!

Just to finish off this post here are my top 3 Bing grievances…

1. Why does Pando take his trousers of and run around in his pants?

2. Why is everything a bloody Bing thing?

3. Anyone else massively disturbed by the butterfly episode!?

Thanks for reading!

Siobhan x


5 thoughts on “What I secretly love about Bing!

  1. My son was obsessed with Bing – we used to have the DVDs on at least once a day. The butterfly episode is so sad! We do blow the clouds away with angry breaths occasionally 🙂 He’s really into the Octonauts now – at least the episodes are longer and he’s learning something!!

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