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Why I Use Reusable Cloth Sanitary Products

I’ve had a bit of a break before writing this post (by break I mean I rarely have a minute to myself!). Anyway today I am going to talk about reusable menstrual products!

It was whilst entering the world of cloth nappies that I discovered reusable products for menstruation. Now from a personal point of view I only had the opportunity to use the cloth sanitary towels I purchased the once during my first period following Aoife’s birth! I fell pregnant and didn’t have one the following month! Not a bad thing but I did enjoy using my cloth pads! I had a much more comfortable time of the month than ever before. After years of using disposable which to be quite frank are uncomfortable, sweaty and a bit pongy I had had enough.

I am not alone! Here are some views from others who feel the same way!

Jaymee of The Mum Diaries says “I use a menstrual cup. I used cloth nappies on my younger 2 boys and ran a cloth nappy library so was already a bit more cautious about our waste. When my periods returned this year (after 9 years!) I started using a cup. I buy from Earthwise Girls.”

Here is a post Jaymee wrote about choosing the right products for you!

Carly from Mummy and the Chunks says “I use a mooncup as it was recommended by a friend. The fact it would mean I would never be caught short at home after running out of products, save money and has so many health benefits. I feel cleaner and fresher using it than any other products too.”

Katie of Living Life Our Way had this to say “I use a mooncup mainly but I also have reusable sanitary towels and period pants too. It certainly saves money which is a bonus, but mainly I made the switch for environmental reasons. I buy from Earthwise Girls.”

Mel of Le Coin De Mel says “I use a MeLuna cup. Best thing ever invented for periods. I feel cleaner and less bothered about periods than I have ever been.”

Amy of Eps and Amy says “I use washable sanitary towels, my friend makes them. The idea of mooncups makes me squeamish, too invasive for me.”

Melanie from Cossins Music School Blog says “I switched to a mooncup a few months ago after suffering really heavy periods for years. Have to say I find it amazing! It has taken a little while to get use to it and i carry wipes when I’m out and about to clean it with. Best thing I have done. Trying to persuade my young teen daughter to try!”

Kim from Raising a Ragamuffin says “I’ve recently switched to cloth sanitary pads for three reasons, cost as they work out cheaper on the long term, they are kinder to the environment, and because they feel nicer against my skin than disposables. They also come in some really cool fabrics, I’ve just added some Nightmare Before Christmas and Game of Thrones fabric ones to my stash.”

Catherine of Mama Cat and Baby Bee says “I use a mooncup and reusable cloth pads at night. For health reasons, as disposable pads and tampons are full of chemicals which aren’t good for your vagina or your reproductive health. My mooncup is amazing. Almost forget I’m on my period. I bought my cup and pads from Earthwise, Honour Your Flow and Babi Pur.”

Sophie of Mama Mei hilariously commented “I use moon cups but after an incident at trampoline park I think I need a bigger one 😂😂😂”

And finally, Hollie from Thrifty Mum “I use cloth from Cheeky Wipes. There’s evidence to suggest the lack of chemicals in the products also makes your period shorter and less painful. It’s a huge money saver for us too.”

Here is also a very interesting post from Lauren at Dilan and Me about her experience with Mooncups!

There you have it! Some very convincing opinions on why cloth products just seem so much better! I’ve already started stocking up on Reusable postpartum pads and cloth breastpads for Baby Boat 2 arrives!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts on reusable sanitary products in the comments!

Siobhan x

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