Pregnancy the Second Time Around

I haven’t really spoken much about my pregnancy on here… and whilst I am awake at 5am on a Saturday morning had this sudden urge to 😂

In the above picture I am 30 weeks! The bump doesn’t look too big here but I feel massive!

1st Trimester

As you can see on the above test, I had a very light positive after just having this feeling something was happening. It’s hard to explain but I just felt different. I took a test the weekend after we got back from a family holiday in Devon. I was due to have my period that week, so had packed my CSP just in case. Well by the end of the week my period hadn’t showed up, my nipples were sensitive when feeding Aoife (which does also happen around menstruation) and i’d gone off toast… the last one got my brain whizzing! Then on the journey home I felt horrendous! I suffer with travel sickness but this was something else!
When we got home I had a chat with Luke expressing that I thought there was a possibility I could be pregnant. There was a much better reaction this time compared to when I told him I was pregnant with Aoife 😂 maybe next time a pregnancy won’t be sprung on us!

The test confirmed my suspicions! I was pregnant and from my calculations I was around 4 weeks and would due in February! Turns out my calculations were pretty spot on. When we went for our 12 week scan I was only 1 day out from the date they gave me!

I didn’t suffer greatly but the first trimester was a blur of zero energy, exhaustion and nausea. I did have some sickness, I couldn’t stomach certain foods to begin with and was sick most mornings when trying to brush my teeth!

Other than that I felt okay, although at this point I still felt very detached from the idea of being pregnant but I think that was more to do with anxiety of something bad happening and being preoccupied with a toddler! Woweee pregnancy is hard with a toddler in tow!

2nd Trimester

As the second trimester approached I was still being sick in the mornings and I was still absolutely shattered. The sickness stopped around 16 weeks and i’d say I regained energy around 18-20 weeks. I felt like a new woman! It’s amazing how different you can feel! I was no longer constantly nauseated and I wasn’t crashing at 7pm every night!

At around 12 weeks we had out first scan. All was looking good and it really is a confirmation point in a pregnancy that there is a baby growing inside you! We had our 2nd scan at around 20 weeks and this is the one I was a bundle of nerves about. It was at this point in my pregnancy with Aoife we discovered she had a heart defect. During the scan appointment all seemed well during the first ultrasound, we decided to not find out the sex of the baby and as far as the sonographer was concerned all looked okay! We then had to wait for a second appointment with the cardiologists. As a precaution I had been booked in to see them to ensure all was okay with baby’s heart. During this ultrasound the Doctor thought he could see a hole so we were sent back into the waiting room to get a second opinion from the other cardiologists! When we got into this scan thankfully they reassured us there were no defects at all and baby’s heart looked great! A massive weight off our shoulders!

3rd Trimester

As I entered the 3rd trimester I still felt full of energy, although that was shortlived. Now at 31 weeks I am starting to feel a decline in my energy but then also I am getting bigger and I can feel the strain that is having on my body! A wriggly baby makes for achey ribs. My feet swell depending how much time I have spent on them and not forgetting the uncomfortable, heavy feeling of the lady parts thanks to a low baby!

It is all getting very exciting. I feel a lot more prepared this time! Some of you may know I gave birth to Aoife at 36 weeks only a day after I had finished work! My last day of work this time is Monday and I will be 31 weeks so thankfully a bit more chill time! I have most of what I need ready, even the birth pool!

Thanks for stopping by!

Anyone else expecting? How has your pregnancy been for you?

Siobhan x

9 thoughts on “Pregnancy the Second Time Around

    1. Bless you! Luckily my daughter is a trooper and it hasn’t been deemed serious enough to warrant any surgery! Thank you so much xxx

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  1. My second pregnancy was so much harder from the first but having two was so much better than I could imagined (I was an only child and only ever wanted one!) x

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    1. I think if I do it again it will be when both kids are older and at school 😂😂


  2. It was a long time ago but I do remember how having my second child was an entirely different experience than the first time. Much more exhausting, but very special to share the experience with your first child x Have a wonderful (and restful Christmas) x

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    1. Thank you! Exhausting is definately right! Hope you too have a lovely Christmas xxx


  3. I found my second pregnancy so much harder. Luckily I didn’t suffer from any sickness but looking after a toddler and being pregnant was so hard. Then I had gestational diabetes so I had to be really careful what and when I ate. Everything turned out OK in the end though. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t think I anticipated how much harder it would be with a toddler! Not long left it is all getting very exciting! Xxx


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