Let the Maternity Leave commence!

It’s official I have finished work. I know it seems a bit early for maternity leave, i’m 32 weeks this week! Technically speaking, my maternity leave starts at the beginning of January as I have time off for the Christmas break 🙂

So with 8 weeks until my due date (5-10 weeks until a full term baby could arrive!) At this point in my first pregnancy I said something similar, well Aoife was born at 36 weeks gestation and I had only just finished work! This time I hoping that I have given myself enough time to get sorted, chill and spend quality time with my girl!

I have made myself a little pre baby maternity leave bucket list!

1. Quality time with Aoife. Cuddles and films, park trips, playtime!

2. Prewash and sort babies nappies and clothes!

3. A date night with Luke. Even if it’s just a takeaway at home!

4. Sort and declutter the house!

5. Go to the cinema! This is in the pipeline as my sister and I want to see Pitch Perfect 3.

There you have my little pre baby maternity leave bucket list! Minimal, but certainly manageable! Above is my latest bump photo! I’m huuuuge haha or at least I feel it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Siobhan x

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3 thoughts on “Let the Maternity Leave commence!

  1. Congrats and enjoy your holidays and maternity leave! I am currently 33 weeks with baby #5 and I definitely feel huge already, too, lol. I haven’t yet washed baby’s clothes or diapers. Do you use newborn size washable nappies? I use adjustable one size (homemade) cloth diapers and I found that they didn’t really fit right until about six weeks with my fourth baby; she was 8lbs10oz at birth so it wasn’t for being “small.” I’m planning to use disposables for the first few weeks but then switch to cloth. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! And congratulations to you too! I will be hopefully. I full time cloth with my toddler but didn’t start with her until she was 12 weeks as she was tiny and all I had was birth to potty ones and she was 5lb 12oz at birth! I have a selection of newborn all in one nappies, mainly tots bots and close popin. Bought them preloved as, if I do get to use them, I imagine they won’t be used for much more than 3 months 🙂 xxx

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