Becoming a Mum of Two!

Cassius is 3 weeks old today! I cannot believe it has already been 3 weeks since I became a mum of 2 little ones! It also means we are coming to the end of Luke’s paternity leave/holiday and I will have to go it alone most days! I am not ashamed to admit I am terrified!

Deep down I know I will have to suck it up and just get on with it but the prospect of getting both of the kids out of the house even for just a short while is terrifying and way past my organisational capacity!

On a deeper level I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it is has been to adjust to having two little ones that depend on me. Also the fact that I am so full of love for these two mini humans. That was a big worry for me when I was pregnant! I would look at Aoife and wonder how it could be possible to love another child as much as I do her, but it is possible… now there is double the love!

Aoife shows a lot of love and care for her brother and I can see a wonderful relationship blossoming! I am breastfeeding both children and Aoife does her best to be patient if I am feeding her brother.

Overall, it hasn’t been too bad but we’ll see if I still feel the same when Luke has gone back work next week!

Here’s what fellow bloggers had to say about going from one child to two…

Before number 2 was born I struggled to comprehend how I could possibly love another child as much as my first. It was a big worry for me and everything for us was great. It was a big shock to see my baby (1st born) looking so grown up, and the weight! I always thought my first born wasn’t heavy until I had my second born in my arms” – Jaymee (The Mum Diaries)

We jumped from 1 to 3! We had no choice but to embrace the madness and chaos but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Over analysing it all drove me crackers so I took each day as it came” – Beth (Twinderelmo)

Prepare for a range of emotions. There are 15 months between my eldest two. My eldest could be so sweet with my son, giving him lots of cuddles and kisses when he was tiny. Then you turn away for a second and she pokes him in the eye” – Pete (Household Money Saving)

“My son is now six and we are now pregnant with number two. I was (still am) worried about how the dynamic will change. I think about the fact together we are this unit and I don’t know how bringing in another child will change that. I’m both excited and apprehensive about the new arrival but having spoken openly about it I know that when it happens everything will fall into place” – Sophie (Soph Obsessed)

“I’ve just had my second and have been really surprised by how I’ve taken to it all. I thought I would be more stressed and exhausted but once you’ve done it once I think it all comes flooding back and you are more at ease as you know what to expect. It has helped having a four year age gap too because my eldest can understand what’s going on and (at times) help me out!” – Emma (Emma Reed)

“I found the transition from one to two children incredibly difficult. There is a really small age gap between my two and my youngest had awful colic. I felt like I was failing my eldest for not being able to give him as much attention as I once had, but that I was also failing my youngest for not being able to spend as much time with him as I had done his brother. Now they are older, it is a lot easier and such fun. They have grown to be the best of friends and they are both so wonderful and kind.” – Emma (Our Fairytale Adventure)

“I’d say that I now didn’t know what I was saying how a (one) baby is such hard work! I guess it’s also true with two plus children. It’s unbelievable, how much you can take and where all those forces and energy is coming from, but they do. We’re so much stronger than we think!” – Èva (Captain Bob Cat)

“My eldest is 15 months older than her little brother, and we were renovating a house at the time he was born so it was not easy coping with a newborn and a toddler that could only just walk. Once you get passed that though they are really close and do everything together, now they are four and five they are each other’s best friends”- Kerry (Blissful Domestication)

“I was unprepared for how much I would miss the all consuming relationship with my eldest. Having two suddenly changed the dynamic so much and I mourned the ‘loss’ of my only child. A new relationship developed, of course, but it was a huge shock to me.” – Luschka (Diary of a First Child)

“I was amazed at how much more relaxed I was with number 2. With number one I had been so anxious about every little thing, and terribly worried about not knowing what to do with him! I was so happy to be able to enjoy number two so much more, and so once she arrived everything just seemed to slot into place” – Vikki (Family Travel With Ellie)

“Seeing their relationship together is the best thing about going from one to two. The first time my son met his baby sister is one of my favourite memories.” – Emma (Free From Farmhouse)

“I was petrified about going from one to two. Throughout my second pregnancy I constantly questioned our decision to have another. But once she arrived I found it all much easier than the first time. She filled a void I didn’t know existed, and she had always been there. It’s not as much of a shock the second time (the baby days) and I was already running on extreme exhaustion so it wasn’t too different there either” – Kirsty (Winnettes)

“One to two was much easier than none to one in my experience! I was already in a good routine, I trusted my parental instinct and we both felt more prepared!” – Amy (The Smallest of Things)

“Going from one to two was a bit of a shock. You go from being able to nap at the same time as your first, give them all your time and cater for their needs almost instantly to having a newborn that needs you 24/7 and an older child who needs just as much attention as before. I found my third and fourth slotted in more easily. – Mel (Le Coin de Mel)

“For me it was pretty easy because my eldest was 5.5 years old when baby number 2 came along. The biggest shock was having to get a newborn ready in time for the school run and early mornings on literally no sleep but aside from that it’s been pretty plain sailing” – Georgina (Gee Gardner)

“For me the positive was I really didn’t realise just how much love I was capable of until I had two. If I am ever in doubt of whether it was worth it, I just looked at the love they had for each other from the start and all my concerns would melt away. The negatives? Well, the tiredness! I swear I never even knew the meaning of the word until I had two! I also didn’t realised how quickly would start to fight. At 18 months and 3 years, they fight over EVERYTHING.” – Vicki (Tippy Tupps)

“I was pretty overwhelmed when I had another baby, and then another baby again but seeing how my children are happy when they are together makes all the sacrifices worth it. What I was super careful about was giving my other children the same kind of treatment/love I had for my first born” – Veronica (My Parenting Journey)

“Having two little ones close to one another in age I think I felt like they were on a bit of a conveyor belt. Changing the nappy at nearly the same time, feeding them at the same time and bottles. They’ve really bonded giving cuddles each day without prompt and eldest has taken to being a bit of a mother figure in that she’s helped teach her things. I think youngest is prone to leading eldest astray sometimes though.” – Helena The Queen of Collage

“I was determined to help my two to have a good relationship but it was not easy at first for my daughter to share her parents” – Carine (Montessori Family)

“It’s the hardest thing I have ever experienced! It takes a good two years to recover… It’s not too late – take them back! (Lol jk, but not really)” – Jessica (That Mummy Blog)

“It was harder than going from 0 to 1, but a large age gap meant that one could be a big sister helper to the other. And now he’s not a baby anymore they can entertain each other and give us adults a rest! – Kati (How To Rock At Parenting)

“I have recently become a mummy of 2 with a 19 month old and a newborn and also recently single so solo parenting too. I have actually found the transition a piece of cake and no where near as overwhelming as going from no kids to one! It helps that my toddler is loving having a baby brother” – Maria (Wrexham Mama)

“I found it so much easier going from 1 to 2 than from 0 to 1! The delivery was easier and so was the breastfeeding and I think that’s partly to do with having a bit more confidence the second time around. I was feeling guilty for splitting my time between two children until I realised the benefits for both children of not getting all the attention all the time, the sibling relationship is different to a parent one and they’ve formed a special bond. I also loved going out with two children, I felt like a ‘real mummy’, as if I’d graduated somehow! – Liberty (Liberty on the Lighter Side)

“I still remember the first time I was left on my own with a newborn and a two year old, when OH went back to work after paternity leave. I was so anxious about being responsible for both of them at the same time – but I soon learned that it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. The baby carrier and stay and play groups were my lifesaver. It was trickiest between D being 6-18 months (but still not too bad) and then once she was talking and walking more and they played together I found it a lot easier… then I had my third, hehe.” – Lauren (Mummy Is A Gadget Geek)

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  1. It is amazing how we always have enough love to go round 🙂 I struggled with the amount of washing going from 1 to 3! #getmoorefromlife

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  2. Congratulations and what lovely names for your two! I loved having 2 small ones at home. Your gap is great because you don’t have a school run to content with yet. Take it slow and enjoy. #getmooroutoflife

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  3. Congratulations on your little one. This is a really lovely post and I am happy to hear you are enjoying being a Mummy of 2. Also lovely to hear what other Mums think of being a parent of two. I went from 1 to 3 when I had my twin girls! That was a big adjustment, but we can do it. Thanks for linking up with #GetMooreFromLife

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  4. Your two are so sweet together. It is amazing how everyone has had such different experiences. IT just goes to show how one size doesn’t fit all. This is also why I am not a huge fan of baby books. Thank you for including my little snippet and thank you for linking it to #ThursdayTeam

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  5. Awww, this is such a lovely post! Thank you so much for featuring me! I found those early months of being a mum to two incredibly difficult, but over time it has got a lot easier and it has been incredible to watch their sibling bond grow. Good luck on your venture with two little ones, fly with the high, make it through the lows and enjoy the ride. Sending love x

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  6. Aww such a lovely post! My advice would be don’t put pressure on yourself to get out. Take it a day at time, sometimes it will be hard, others it will be a breeze. I was so scared of taking my two out, the first time was a trip to the park.It was a disaster, wheel fell off the buggy, there were gale-force winds that descended upon us rather quickly. The times after that were much easier!! #Thursdayteam

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