Tandem Nursing a Newborn and Toddler

It was only a matter of time before I spoke about how my breastfeeding journey has changed! As previously mentioned in my post Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy: What It’s Been Like For Me So Far I was nursing Aoife throughout my pregnancy. At the time of the post I was about 4/5 months pregnant fast forward 4ish months and I gave birth to my son (six weeks early!). Luckily, I had been preparing Aoife for a while (especially when it became apparent there would be no self-weaning or slowing down on nursing happening) for the impending arrival of a newborn sibling! Having become accustomed to babies, thanks to the arrival of baby cousin in June, Aoife was showing a great level of understanding that there was a baby in mummy’s tummy! Ways in which I prepared Aoife included talking about my growing belly and mentioning that is where the baby was, discussing with her during feeds that baby will be feeding from the breast too; this was mainly me saying that baby would be having “googie” (Aoife’s name for milk) too, Aoife began repeating this by pointing to a breast at a time saying “Me googie, baby googie” and also by introducing books about new babies! Our favourite was There’s A House Inside My Mummy.

Aoife was also given a “baby” (doll) for Christmas and various accessories which she loves using to mimic mummy and baby especially now baby is here! She even pretends to feed her doll!

Anyway, onto the tandem nursing! One of the biggest advantages to nursing a Toddler to me was the speed in which my milk returned and also the help with fighting how engorged the breasts can get! I unfortunately had to stay in hospital for a few nights following the birth of Cassius so initially when my milk came in I was in a lot of pain! Thankfully, Luke brought Aoife in to see us and she asked for milk! My boobs went down almost instantly and haven’t been like that since (apart from an overnight stay at her grandparents!) At the moment we are still working on positioning, especially at bedtime! Aoife is a massive fidget so trying to feed her and the baby at the same time can be difficult! Aoife often ends up with baby feet in her face, luckily she finds this hilarious!

When it comes to who to nurse when, I will always nurse baby first and at the moment I am trying to keep Aoife’s feeds similar to how they were before I gave birth (wake ups, naps and bedtime!) As she has become quite indulgent and it feels like she feeds more than Cassius sometimes!

I will be very honest and admit to being incredibly touched out at times but this occurs more if I am feeling tired and haven’t drank enough fluids in the day! To tackle this I go to bed with a 20oz bottle of water and a glass of cordial! I also find bedsharing helps with dealing with lack of sleep!

Overall, tandem nursing is a wonderful experience and has helped in creating a bond not only between Aoife and Cassius but between the three of us. I feel accomplished knowing I can meet the needs of both babies!

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I have included some sources below for those that want to know more!

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Mudpie Fridays

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14 thoughts on “Tandem Nursing a Newborn and Toddler

  1. I’ve never met anyone who tandem feeds before. Such a magical experience but it must be exhausting at the same time. It’s good that they have both settled well together and so sweet that Aoife is practising with her own baby! x

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  2. What a beautiful image of you tandem-feeding. As there is a big difference in age between my two, I have never had a chance to do a tandem. It must be challenging. You’re an inspiration.

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  3. I’d never come across anyone who tandem fed and always wondered how it might work but it sounds like you’ve got it nailed. I fed my son and enjoyed ever minute so I can only imagine how proud you are keeping two children satisfied x

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  4. I’m in awe. My eldest self-weaned when she was about 2.5, I think because she was at nursery full time and used a dummy for the comfort sucking. My youngest has just turned 2 and shows no signs of being ready to stop. Over the last few months I really haven’t been enjoying it, but I’m not prepared to force her to stop. I was expecting to have a baby this year and have thought about tandem nursing a lot, it’s not something I want to do because I feel touched out as it is, but it’s too big a transition for a child becoming a sibling to take away something so important. A lovely read

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    1. Thank you. It’s not been the smoothest of rides and I feel incredibly touched out at times! But 4 weeks in and no going back now! I don’t think Aoife would let me 😂🤷‍♀️


  5. Love stories about tandem feeding! My 21mo stopped feeding at 9 months which broke my heart and I wonder, when I have my next little one, if she’ll have any interest in feeding again!

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  6. I’ve never come across anyone tandem feeding before so this post was really informative and interesting. It’s clear you adore your children and good for you for doing what feels right for you and your family.
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

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