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Cloth Nappies – My Top Tips for Beginners

I currently have two children in nappies; my two year old and 6 week old. I can’t even begin to fathom how much that would cost in disposables and how full our black bin would get if we weren’t using reusable nappies!

I have been using cloth nappies since Aoife was about 12 weeks. The nappies I used then, I am still using now (well worth the outlay price!) and will be using when Cassius has outgrown his newborn nappies!

I can’t quite remember what spurred me into using cloth nappies; it was probably a mixture of cute patterns and wanting to cut down on waste! As a bonus I am incredibly forgetful so it helps I never run out of nappies! So for those of you out there that are just starting out or are looking into starting out here are my top tips (with help from a few other bloggers) for starting out with cloth nappies!

My 5 Top Tips for Going Cloth

1. Have a look at your local council’s website to see if there is any scheme. Some councils offer money back or free nappies.

2. Lookout for your local nappy library. Nappy libraries are normally ran by volunteers and aim to promote cloth nappies. You can borrow trial packs and see what types suit you. Fill Your Pants do a great trial offer! Fill Your Pants – Cloth Nappy Trial

3. Stepping into using cloth can be overwhelming at first. Take it slow if you need to. When I first started out we were only using reusable during the day and were using disposable during the night.

4. Ask for help with fit. Cloth Nappies fit differently to disposable as they sit lower on the back. Incorrectly fitted nappies can cause leaks.

5. As briefly mentioned above try out different brands! There are loads of them and they all fit and suit different shapes of children.

(Thank you to Sinead Latham, The Mummy Adventure, Edinburgh with Kids, The Growing Mum, Bare Mother, The Mum Diaries, Gee Gardner, Ethan & Evelyn for sharing your advice and contributions)

If I am not enough to convince you to give cloth a go here are some links to great posts about using Cloth Nappies…

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Look out for a future post on cloth nappy wash routines!

Siobhan x

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17 thoughts on “Cloth Nappies – My Top Tips for Beginners

  1. I’m considering giving it a go with baby number 2, I bought a couple of cloths for my little boy a year ago and have never had the guts to use them!! #sharingthebloglove

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  2. I do like the sound of cloth nappies, mostly because I am so conscious of the waste from disposable ones. I love the patterns you can get with them, they are really sweet! We have never made the switch but I am definitely going to look more into it. Thanks for joining us at #thursdayteam

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    1. The Great thing is it is never too late to make those changes! With how long it takes for a disposable to decompose at present every single disposable nappy ever used is still in a landfill somewhere! xxx


  3. I kinda wish I’d spent less time thinking about cloth nappies and more time using them! That ship has sailed for us now but thanks for offering this to others x
    And thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

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    1. I was so nervous when I first started using them! The idea is certainly intimidating compared to the reality 🙂 xxx


  4. There’s something so cute about a cloth nappy bottom! I love the patterns and colours you can choose from, but I always found the whole thing too intimidating to try. This is a great resource for anyone considering trying it though. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  5. Those patterns are adorable! Unfortunately, day cares in our area refuse to work with cloth diapers, so we had to go with disposable and ended up doing it at all times. I would have loved the low cost and no waste! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Ahh no what a shame! I work in nurseries but I have only ever worked with one child in cloth!


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