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Why I Love Spring

Ah Spring. It is officially the Spring season. My favourite season of the year. Beautiful flowers, warmer days (at least most of the time!), baby animals and most importantly, my birthday! I am most definately a Spring baby. Yeah Summer is okay, but I am as pale as the snow we have seen so frequently this year, so as you can imagine the heat and I don’t get on so well! But on the flipside I cannot stand being cold! When you are bald it is not fun being out in freezing temperatures! I am hoping the weather gets the memo soon. Although, apparently it is going snow again this weekend!

Anyway, in the spirit of sharing what is awesome about Spring I asked fellow blogger what they love about the season. Here is what they have to say…

“I love the first day that the sun comes back out and you can go for a walk without a coat, feel the fresh air and sun on your skin.” – Nyomi @ Nomipaloney

“The daffodils and cherry blossom trees. They both instantly put a smile on my face.” – Samantha @ Serenely Sam

“That nature is waking up and everything turns from grey and brown into green, pink and yellow. Plus, you finally have pretty backgrounds again when you’re taking photos outside, haha.” – Carolin @ Mummy Alarm

“The longer days, the return of salads and the chance to open windows” – Ruth @ Craft with Cartwright

“The fact there is no fucking snow” – Frances @ Whinge Whinge Wine

“Swapping my coat for a cardigan! I also love how the burst of spring colour makes everything seems a little better, a little happier!” – Anna @ Me Annie Bee

“The lighter evenings, the pretty flowers and the sense of positivity in the air. Spring always makes me feel like a weight has lifted for me, and I am so, so ready for it this year!” – Emma-Louise @ Even Angels Fall

“The flowers! Can’t beat some lovely bright colourful bouquets.” – Georgina @ Gee Gardner

“The colour yellow & the birds chirping away in the mornings if you’re lucky enough to wake up before the toddler.” – Zoe @ Mummy and Liss Blog

“Planning days out and adventures for the next 6 months! I think the winter has gone on so long this year.. I feel like I have SAD!” – Gail @ Yammy Mommy

“The majority of my wardrobe is Spring ready. I NEED to wear these clothes. My body is starting to hate the baggy jumpers and three pairs of socks!” – Jemma @ Mayflower Blogs

“Daffodils. All the beautiful yellow daffodils. My Taid had some amazing daffodils in his garden. I had one planted in my garden but the snow has killed it!! Also, the A55 between Abergwyngregyn and Tal Y Bont is stunning when the daffodils are out.” – Rebecca @ Becster

“My kids view on the world. When spring starts the kids start to notice the beauty around us, how the baby birds learn to fly, the crocuses coming out, the blackberrys growing, I’ve never really stopped to notice the beauty around me until I saw it though their eyes.” – Jade @ Mummies Waiting

“I love seeing the bluebells and daffodils pop up and all the baby lambs in the fields.” – Amy @ Mama Mighalls

“Washing on the line, getting all the windows open and seeing our blossom tree flower which is always far more shortlived than I’d like!” – Fran @ Back with a Bump

“How bright and airy everything looks.” – Lianne @ Ankle Biters Adventures

“Having a legitimate excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner for at least 4 full days thanks to easter.” – Gemma @ Life is Knutts

“Spring flowers everywhere! My favourite flowers are tulips and hyacinths and daffodils. Love having them at home in every room as well a seeing them everywhere!” – Èva @ Captain Bobcat

“I love it when you see the daffodils poking their beautiful heads out along the gorgeous green grass verges… Stunning!” – Kelly @ Kelly Allen Writer

“I just love the feeling of freshness and optimism it brings. New life everywhere. It’s good for the soul.” – Vikki @ Family Travel With Ellie

“Hanging my washing outside. I’m sad aren’t I? Oh, and bluebells.” – Erica @ The Incidental Parent

“The fact that it doesn’t get dark so early, so you can enjoy the evenings more.” – Pete @ Household Money Saving

“Being able to have fresh daffodils in the house. They add such a lovely pop of freshness and colour and they’re cheap!” – Ayse @ Arepops

“The lighter evenings. I get to arrive at and leave my office in the daylight!” – Jennifer @ My Mummy’s Pennies

“Daffodils everywhere and cherry blossoms. Gorgeous!” – Nicole @ Tales from Mamaville

“Not having to wear so many layers. I feel so much freer in less clothes.” – Victoria @ Lylia Rose

“The flip flops come out!” – Hayley @ Very Mummy

“Not having to wear my stupid big coat, I know that probably sounds so stupid but I hate my winter coat hah.” – Sarah @ Mummy Cat Notes

“The start of everything coming out in the garden and tidying it all up again after the winter. Not to mention finally feeling some warmth, I am definitely happier when the sun shines.” – Emma @ Emma Reed

“The light! It is so lovely to have the light streaming in through my windows and beaming down on my face in the street after a long dark winter.” – Kate @ Ever After with Kids

“I love walks in the sun with my boys looking at the new flowers and the new life in the fields near where we live. I also love how spring makes people happier and smile more.” – Terri @ The Strawberry Fountain

What do you love about Spring? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Siobhan x

Images were taken from Unsplash

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