Cassius – A 3 Month Update

I can’t believe my little tiny (defo not so tiny anymore!) boy is now 3 months old! The time really does fly by!


Weight – This may not be entirely accurate because I weighed him myself but Cassius is approximately 12lbs 7oz! Thats a whole 7lbs 3oz he has put on from his birth weight!

Clothing size – Cassius is now wearing 0-3 month clothes! Although I have some bits that don’t fit him already!

Shoe size – No shoes just yet.

Nappy size – Cassius is in reusable cloth nappies and has just moved into Birth to Potty nappies in the daytime; mainly Tickle Tots and Bambino Mio. At night times he is weighing a Size 1 MF Little Lamb fitted nappy with a waterproof wrap!

Teeth – No teeth just yet thank goodness! Although he has been showing some signs of teething!

Favourite Things

  • Cuddles!
  • Boob!
  • Bath time!
  • Nappy free time!


  • Being in a dirty/wet nappy!
  • Not a huge fan of the car seat!
  • Not being fed quick enough!


Cassius is awake a lot in the daytime and tends be quite a cat napper unless travelling in the car/carrier/pushchair. He sleeps 4-5 hour stretches at night.

Bedtime – Strictly speaking he doesn’t have a bedtime I just bring him up with me when Aoife goes to bed.

Wake Time – As above not strictly a sleep routine yet. We normally get up around 7.30/8ish.

Naps – Every couple of hours.


Milk – Cassius is currently exclusively breastfed and goes about every 2 hours in the day and little bit longer at night. We bedshare at night to make the feeds easier to manage! He pretty feeds all the time haha.

Food – No food yet!

Exciting things this month

Cassius has started attempting to roll over! In fact, he was successful the other day rolling from his tummy to back! He will smile at people more and more now, and has started to discover his voice!

I look forward to writing more of these posts! The next one will be when Cassius is around 6 months old 🙂

See you then!

Siobhan x

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23 thoughts on “Cassius – A 3 Month Update

  1. What a little cutie, I love those tiger trousers. This is such a lovely way of documenting things as I couldn’t tell you anything about my two at 3 months old. But I remember it being a very cute age. Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam


  2. He’s such a cutie! I love his cute joggers too, they’re adorable! That’s great going on the night sleep front – I’d be very happy with that right now! I have a car seat hater too, you’d think it was an instrument of torture when I put him in it, and he’s worked out how to arch his back to make it harder for me now. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove


  3. I love reading baby updates! so cute. I cant believe he is rolling at 3 months! clever monkey! I love the first few months when there so dinky. its such a special time. the photos are so cute! I look forward to reading the next update! x


  4. Sounds like he is doing really well, he’s so gorgeous! I’d love to know more about your experience with cloth nappies. I didn’t try them with my first but considering it (again) with my second!


  5. What a lovely update. I don’t think we really had a bed time when our children were that young. They just kind of fitted around life ;0)

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  6. I love a good baby update! He’s done so well to put on that much weight considering how tiny he was when he was born – mama must have some gold top milk there! We’ve just sorted our btp nappies ready for when Henry fits them, he’s still in newborn at the moment.


  7. Oh my goodness he is so cute! Cuddles, Boob and Nappy Free time were my daughter’s favourite things are that age too. Though she loved being awake at night sadly for me! (oh I miss breastfeeding)


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