Dad’s and Breastfeeding

Starting out as new parents is hard. It can be harder in some respects on the fathers especially if mum is breastfeeding. I have heard many times over the years “how can dad bond if he can’t feed the baby?!” Well it may shock you to know that there are many ways a dad can bond and help out with baby in the early days. These can include, but aren’t limited to;

  • Babywearing.
  • Taking baby out for a walk so Mum can have a little rest.
  • Read to baby. This way they get to know Dad’s voice a little more.
  • Changing nappies.
  • Having cuddles and napping together.
  • Talking to baby.
  • Bathing together, skin to skin is great for bonding with baby.
  • Do the magic baby hold (you know that one where you hold baby over your forearm)
  • Jiggle and sway with baby.
  • And last but definitely not least SUPPORT feeding… help protect your partner from criticism, keep her fed, help her get good help should she need it and take care of her.

In my personal experience Luke has been a great support to me throughout both of our children breastfeeding and I couldn’t ask for a better person to share this journey with.

Another dad that is of great support is Ross, the guy behind Isablog. Ross is such a great role model for those dad’s out there with breastfeeding partners. In fact he was that supportive that when his daughter turned 1 years old and his partner reached the milestone of a year breastfeeding, he made her a boob cake…. that milked! I remember seeing the video myself and thinking “what a guy!” You can see the original post about the amazing cake here!

Here is what Ross had to say…

“I made the cake just as my little way to show my support to my wife for making it to a year of breastfeeding. Before we had Isabelle we had no real intention of getting that far. My wife wanted to stop before she went back to work. But rather than stop, she kept going. And I guess as the man in the breastfeeding journey it’s easy to feel like you can’t do much. So I guess I wanted to show my support by making a boob cake that milked. Maybe that’s a slightly weird way of showing support, but it’s my little way.”


He also says, “I think breastfeeding is something that’s so hard to do, but once you can it’s such an amazing thing to be able to do. I really think more women would be able to do it if they’re supported from the start and receive the right information. That’s how I saw my role. I couldn’t physically do it, but I could be there every step of the way. I could learn about breastfeeding with my wife, and when she was in doubt I could help her through it. There are always other ways you can support your partner even if you can’t physically do the feeding.”

Ross is absolutely correct. As I mentioned above there so many ways in which dad’s can be involved in breastfeeding. If you are a first time parent or even if it is the first time you are considering breastfeeding remember these factors in your decision making, it could make a huge difference. It is so important to have the best support network you can build around you, especially in those early days. And again in the later days when you could be feeding a walking, talking toddler… People seem to think that is weird, and don’t tend to hold their tongue!

Did you have a good support network in the early days of breastfeeding? Would knowing these things have made a difference for you?

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10 thoughts on “Dad’s and Breastfeeding

  1. My husband was amazingly supportive while I was breastfeeding. I remember in the early days waking up to feed and being so hungry and he’d always go and make me something to eat or drink. I fed all three of mine for a year and I agree, there are so many other ways partners can bond with a baby other than feeding. I did a baby massage course and taught the movements to my husband, and he used to do that most nights as lovely way to bond x

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  2. This is such a great post, there really is so much dads can do to help and support breastfeeding. I would have probably stopped if I didn’t have my husbands help in those first few weeks, he was so good at bringing me food and water all hours of the day and helping me latch baby on when I was crying because it was so hard! It does annoy me when people say dads can’t bond if the Mum breastfeeds, there’s so much they can still do with baby and your list of suggestions is spot on x

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  3. I tottally agree with you – dads can be a maddive support for us while we breast feed – they can do so much more even if they are little things – every bit helps

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  4. Absolutely this, yes yes yes!!! Also the magic baby hold is called tiger in a tree hold, definitely is magic! I breastfed Dil until he self weaned at 2 and him and his dad have the best bond. Lots of baby wearing, playing and bonding over all kinds of other stuff

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  5. Although I’m not at the age Im considering having a child just yet, it is definitely something I will take note for the future

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  6. I think babywearing is a great way of bonding with baby whilst they are breastfeeding and that’s exactly what my partner did during our baby days…it just kinda worked out that way but their bond is really strong now!


  7. Thank you! And I’ve always hated the phrase “how can dad bond if he can’t feed the baby?!” There’s nothing wrong with not feeding the baby and doing something else

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