The Return to Work

I have officially finished my maternity leave! I was definately ready to return to work, my brain needs something other than babies to keep it going! I have actually started a new position in a new place of work and rather than be nervous, I was very excited to get stuck in. The new team I am working with are lovely!

You may be wondering (or may not be but hey ho I am going to bore you with it anyway) what we are doing about childcare. I am only working afternoons Monday to Friday during term time, which is great compared to the long hours of my last position. Three of those five afternoons I have opted to send the children to a childminder, they will be with their Nanny for one and the final one will be spent at home with their Dad.

I was unsure of my decision to send the children to a childminder whilst I worked. I find I am hugely picking because I work in the sector but ultimately here were my reasons for choosing a childminder…

1. The home environment – I felt this was a particular benefit for Cassius.

2. On visiting the children that were already being cared for had such a lovely bond with the childminder.

3. The children would be together. This definately has made the transition to not being with me all day easier for them! The familiarity is important for them.

4. The childminder I chose is local. Literally a 10 minute walk from where I work and a 10 minute walk the other way to our house! So I feel comforted by the fact I am nearby if they need me or their Dad for any reason!

5. The childminder is also close to a park! So I know the children will benefit from time outdoors!

Anyway enough of my rambling about work! I’ll see you again soon!

Siobhan x

5 thoughts on “The Return to Work

  1. It is always good to hear what others do with childcare, thank you for sharing! It really is a worry when mums do go back to work, sounds like you have a good mix there with family and the childminder 🙂

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  2. Good luck with your return to work. I can relate to that need for something else. That said I didn’t return but childcare was a big problem for us. It’s great that you have plans in place and flexibility in terms of term time.

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