My 3rd Alopecia Awareness Month

It’s September already! This year seems to have flown by in a blur! Being September it is also now Alopecia Awareness Month. This is my third year of doing what I can to raise awareness.

This year a lot has happened. I saw my hair begin regrow and actually it got to quite a good length (despite there still being lots of evident patches), unfortunately it didn’t last and if I am completely honest I didn’t expect it to. I gave birth to my second child in January and not long after I had given birth, the hair began to fall out again. That is definately the most difficult part of this condition; seeing it all come out.

Also this year, I bought my first Rene of Paris wig (with thanks to family gifting me money for my birthday). I absolutely love it and it is the first wig I have owned that I truly feel comfortable in and can wear for hours without needing to whip it off!

In April of this year I also finally did something that I probably should have done a while ago; I got help for my mental health. I am currently on medication for Post Natal Depression. I won’t go into the details of that too much now as I plan to write another post when I feel ready! With the help of the medication I feel the happiest I have for a long time. Although at the moment it is linked to my postpartum stage, I should of sought help when my hair loss began. Alopecia isn’t a physically painful condition, but I am yet to speak to anyone with the condition that hasn’t been affected emotionally and psychologically!

Above is two of the reasons I try so hard to not be emotionally beaten by this condition. I do my best to be positive and show them that the way I look is okay. In fact, they aren’t phased by it and I feel truly wonderful when they beam at me and show they love me. If my hair loss had happened without these two around, I don’t know how I would have coped.

My family and friends are an amazing support network. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. My biggest support is Luke though. Without him my self esteem would be rock bottom. He is the reason I still sometimes feel attractive. It is so easy to lose yourself through hair loss and to be honest look has treated me the same as he has done for the last 10 years, no matter the changes to body, he still makes me feel beautiful 💕

This year’s alopecia awareness months has the tagline #thisisme

So this is me… I may not be 100% about it yet but I will get there!

Siobhan x

Mum Muddling Through

27 thoughts on “My 3rd Alopecia Awareness Month

  1. You’re a wonderful role model, lovely. It’s important to talk about alopecia and the regrowth / hair falling again so that it brings awareness to those who are at the start of their journey. The wig is beautiful and I’m glad it’s comfortable enough for you to wear it for a few hours. x


  2. I have a friend with alopecia and it always made me so sad to watch her suffer. I love how much you’ve risen above it, not to mention that wig is gorgeous on you! -Tonya Tardiff


  3. You are beautiful! you look so stunning on your pic with your man! I honestly wish I would have looked that good only few months after giving birth like you do!
    I also had brutal hair loss after my pregnancies (6) I remember it was terrible and I felt I was so depressed to think I’d go completely bold! but a few months later my hair grew back every time. I’m glad you seek for help, you don’t have to go through this alone, it is tough being a momma!


  4. Thank you for sharing your story, it really takes a lot of courage to speak publicly about something like this. You are beautiful and I wish you all the best!


  5. Aw you are gorgeous hon, with and without your lovely new wig:) Great to hear that Luke and your gorgeous kids are helping you get through this xx


  6. This is such an inspirational read. It’s lovely to read that the medication is helping you with your post natal depression and you feel a bit happier. I’m sure it makes all the difference to your mental health. Your wig looks amazing by the way! Although you look beautiful without it!


  7. Kudos on deciding to take professional help for your mental health! More often than not we tend to take ‘feeling down’ as normal, but it isn’t fair either on our loved ones or ourselves. I too struggled with hairloss for years after my first baby where I would be scared to even brush my hair. Treatments didn’t help for long. It has gotten better after the second one, but I can feel what you’re talking about…though we know beauty isn’t skin deep, yet living that idea isn’t so easy. You’re doing a great job and are really an inspiration.
    – Nandita


  8. You are such and amazing beautiful lady! I suffer with mild alopecia. I luckily usually get mine near the back of my neck, although about 6 years ago i had a small patch near the front as was so self conscious. Mine is defiantly related to stress, and always comes a few months after a stressful period in my life. I too am on medication for low mood and stress related mood swings. I never knew it was alopecia awareness months, I shall be putting a pic on Instagram.


  9. You are strong and beautiful woman with a wonderful children! Your new wig is so perfect for you and you look stunning ! It happened a lot for you so far and I wish you all the best for the rest of the year!


  10. thank you so much for speaking out and sharing your story hun x your wig looks beautiful – but only cos you are one strong and gorge mama


  11. You are beautiful, both on the outside and on the inside! You are brave and indeed there should be more awareness regarding Alopecia. It doesn’t hurt but people should be educated about it.


  12. I think you’re a true inspiration and love that you’re sharing your journey with us. It is important for people to learn more about this. you are very beautiful with or without your hair

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  13. You’re doing a great job raising awareness but make sure you take care of yourself as well. It’s great to hear that you’ve got such a supportive family.


  14. Can I just say you are amazing!! I hope you realise what an awesome job you’re doing with two littles and all the challenges in your path. You look stunning in that wig by the way I had to check the pictures to see if it was the wig it looks so natural!


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