Cassius @ 9 Months Old

I can hardly believe myself how fast the last 9 months have flown by! That is right it has been a whole 9 months since my little Cassius, quite literally shot into the world! So let’s see how my little man is getting on!


Weight – I haven’t actually weighed Cassius for months so I have no idea on this one. I will tell you though, my arms ache after a while holding him!

Clothes Size – Cassius mainly wears Scandinavian clothing and is currently in size 74. We favour brands such as Maxomorra, Duns Sweden and Smafolk.

Shoe Size – No shoes yet!

Nappy Size – This is one we don’t really answer in the conventional way as we use reusable nappies. Cassius wears Birth-to-Potty nappies.

Teeth – Despite me saying in the previous post about Cass teething we are still yet to see any teeth!

Favourite Things

  • Food – Oh yes. This one has taken very well to Baby Led Weaning and is very into food. We offer him three meals a day and snacks!
  • Going to the Childminder – I returned to work at the end of August and Cassius settled in so well with the Childminder. In fact his face lights up when he sees her!
  • Boob – I have another boob monster (although Cassius is nowhere near as bad as Aoife!) He will dive on me when he fancies a feed!


  • Mummy Being Out of Sight – Especially if he is tired! He is clued to my side when he is tired!
  • Getting Out of the Bath – Yeah, not a fan of getting out of the bath!


Compared to his older sister Cassius is a GREAT sleeper!

Bedtime – I am not a strict or routine led parent. I’m pretty laid back and do my best to follow the kids lead. Cassius is normally ready to go to bed around 7.30pm and then he tends to only stir once or twice in the night for a feed. We are still bedsharing so I don’t even notice when he does stir!

Wake Time – As in the last update Cassius’ wake time varies but generally speaking it will more often than not be between 6am and 8am. Morning time is my favourite, he is such a happy little chappy and just beams at me in the mornings.

Naps – As I mentioned above I tend to follow Cassius’ lead in his daily routine. Simply put he naps when he is tired.


Milk – Cassius is breastfed. He is a bit more of a distracted feeder than Aoife was!

Food – After initially not showing much interest in food at around 7 months it was like a switch flipped. We cannot eat around Cass without giving him something first! He has 3 meals a day, aswell as lots of snacks!

Exciting Things This Month

It’s been a very busy these last few months with lots of milestones being hit including sitting unsuppoprted, crawling, pulling up to his knees and spending time away from me with a childminder, as I returned to Work!

I will see you for the next update in 3 months, which will be around Cassius’ 1st Birthday! He is growing up too quick!

Siobhan x

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  1. He’s a cutie! It’s great that he enjoys going to the childminders so much. It makes all the difference when you know they’re having fun

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  2. He is so adorable! You love Maxomorra just as much as I do! Although I’m struggling to get my 8 year old to continue wearing it as much 😉

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