Cassius, On Your First Birthday ðŸ’™

Dear Cassius,

It was just a normal day, I was heavily pregnant (34 Weeks on that day). During my midwife appointment that day I had asked about some pains I was having, to be told it was because you were low down in my pelvis! I went to Nanna’s house because it was Aunty Caits birthday and the pains continued. You certainly gave me a surprise when you arrived at 20 past midnight on the Friday, 6 weeks before your due date!

We didn’t have the best start, you and I, but I want you to know that I love you unconditionally. You are an incredibly happy baby, despite everything!

My gorgeous, strong, smiley, happy little chappy 💙 you have made me a better and stronger person. I am forever grateful for you and your sister for giving me reason to stay strong and positive.

I Love you.

Mummy x

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