A Beautiful Childhood Course: A Honest Review

Isn’t funny how being inspired can make you feel? I feel awakened and confident in my abilities and knowledge as a parent and practitioner; and that is with thanks to Eloise, the author of the Frida Be Mighty blog (which is an amazingly inspiring blog!) and her recent course “A Beautiful Childhood”.

A lot of what Eloise has to say really resonated with me. We delved deep into many theories I was familiar within my work life but had not really thought about applying to my home life. We looked at the educational theories and pedagogy of Maria Montessori; Steiner Waldorf; Forest School and Reggio Emilia all of which I was very familiar with. We also looked at philosophies I wasn’t familiar with such Charlotte Mason; The Scandinavian Approach; Unschooling (more on this particular one later!) and Project Based Learning.

Within the course, Eloise gives journaling questions to work through and a task relating to each school of thought we are looking at. I am still working my way through these questions, which is the beauty of the course! Taking it at your own pace and really being able to take in the information being shared with us! The course has helped me realise that actually I do embody a lot of my theories around my work practice in my mothering.

So yeah, I feel truly inspired by this wonderful lady and really wanted to share my thanks and also recommend you look into doing the next “A Beautiful Childhood Course” you can find more information on Eloise Instagram page @_mightymother. Her knowledge and commitment to research is admirable.