Aoife @ 3.5 Years

It really is crazy how fast time seems to fly. It feels like only yesterday that I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and now here I am writing about the sassy preschooler that rules the roost in the house! Aoife is an absolute delight to have around. A child filled with love, happiness, creativity and adventure. Most days she says to me “Mummy, I love you”, she asks for me to read her poetry in the morning before I go to work and loves being creative. Now, don’t get me wrong she has her moments that make me internally scream but don’t we all have those parenting moments? And let’s be honest it is rarely the child’s fault. I tend to be more irritable depending on how hungry, thirsty or tired I am.


The last three and a half years have certainly been a learning experience and I will always thank my little girl for keeping me on the right path and keeping my spirits lifted. She makes me laugh on a daily basis. I often wonder where she gets her sense of humour from… and then I remember who her parents are!


Aoife absolutely adores her family and is so kind and considerate to Cassius that I often wonder why I worried about introducing a sibling to our family! I don’t Aoife will have anything but positive memories of her childhood with Cassius, their bond is something that I enjoy watching grow every day!


Aoife isn’t due to start school until September 2020, and although she goes to a childminder three days a week, I am considering sending her to a preschool in preparation. In all honesty, I am extremely anxious about the next chapter we will be entering with Aoife. Although she is a confident child I have my concerns that she will struggle when it comes to “big” school, the more I think about it though the more I think my own worries are the biggest concern!


Some things about Aoife at three and a half. Current likes include Teen Titans GO! (the TV show), Shotgun by George Ezra, her TMNT build a bear teddy, wearing shorts and tshirts, spaghetti bolognese, riding her trike, and “googie” of course. Current dislikes include being told “no”, sleeping in her own bed, having her hair washed and the wind. I actually struggled to think of dislikes for her! She is pretty easy-going really.


Some new skills Aoife has learnt including remembering the anatomically correct names for her genitals, being able to recognise the letter “A” and linking it to her name, counting up to 20, performing in her first show and riding her trike. Currently at home I am reading lots of poetry with her, looking at popular works of art (such as the Mona Lisa) and encouraging her to recognise her name. Hopefully some of these skills will come in handy and develop further over the next year as we prepare Aoife to be ready for school.

How did you feel when your children were this age? Did you feel anxious for the approach of applying for a school place or were you excited?