Eco-Friendly Swaps

Easy Eco Swaps With Children

The ideas of being eco-friendly and making those swaps from the disposable products we all used to can be quite daunting. In fact, it can be incredibly daunting to know where to start! I have made some eco-friendly swaps/choices in the time I have been parenting my children. Here are some of the swaps I have made…


Cloth Nappies instead of Disposable Nappies…

This is a great place to start. They may seem complicated at first but in fact they are incredibly easy to use and not only are they better for they environment, they look a hell of a lot cuter than disposables! When you consider the fact that each disposable nappy used takes approximately 200 years to decompose and in the UK approximately 8 million nappies end up in landfill each year. That’s a hell of a lot of nappies. Also in the first year of a baby’s life you will change their nappy up to approximately 3000 times. Now I’m no mathematician but even I know those numbers are shocking! Then add to that the fact that cloth nappies release methane once in landfill. That is a lot of preventable damage we are doing to our planet.

Cloth Wipes instead of Disposable Wet Bags…

Another great place to make a swap is by using cloth wipes instead of disposable wet wipes. There was a programme a couple of years back that highlighted the “fatbergs” clogging up the sewage systems in a number of counties. According to date gathered by Water UK disposable wet wipes made up to 90% of the material causing sewer blockages. That’s horrendous, especially when you consider that wet wipes aren’t flushable anyway! I personally have a set of cheeky wipes, they came with a box that I use to keep the wipes moist at home and wet bag to travel around with. I just wash them with my nappies!

Wetbags instead of Disposable Nappy Sacks…

These are simply waterproof zip up bags that you can pop soiled nappies into. They hold smells and can be washed with nappies to freshen them up. A great alternative and they aren’t a risk if young children get hold of them.

Reusable Water Bottles…

I have purchased reusable water bottles by the brand Kleen Kanteen. For my own use it is to stop me from buying drinks in plastic bottles when I am out and about (still something I am not great at I will admit). They are great for the kids too as they keep drinks cool. Aoife has a sports cap bottle whilst Cassius has the sippy cap.

There are many other ways I am looking at reducing our plastic use, such as; reusable straws; shampoo bars; bars of soap; beeswax wraps; reusable shopping bags; bamboo toothbrushes. Hopefully I can implement these changes within the next year or so. I also do my best to shop second hand via charity shops, ebay, carboots or facebook selling pages.

What ways do you practice being eco-friendly? Any more suggestions for swaps I can make?

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