Five Reasons I Love The Spice Girls

If you follow me on Instagram (here) you may have seen that early on in this month I went with some friends to see my childhood heroes the Spice Girls on their epic 2019 tour. Critics have done their best to blast the Spice Girls, saying the lack of new material and just rehashing old songs is boring… I briefly read an article that I, as a fan of Spice Girls, disagreed with. Personally, one of the reasons I wanted to see the Spice Girls was to see them perform their old hits! The classics “Spice Up Your Life”, “Say You’ll Be There”, “Wannabe” and “Who Do You Think You Are” were highlights of the show for me! Most people I have spoken to have also told me how much they enjoyed the show!


They put on an epic show and if you ask me, 23 years on they still had me in awe. I can’t help but feel the need to celebrate the amount of preparation and hours of dedication that must of gone into the show. As a feminist, I am a firm believer in Women Supporting Women and this does extend to those women that are in the public eye! I have loved the Spice Girls since I was 5 years old. And in tribute of that here are five reasons I love the Spice Girls!


  • GIRL POWER. They were feminists in their own right and did things differently for a pop group of their time! They creating a brand that 20 years down the line is still incredibly popular! They didn’t dress like carbon copies of each other! They had their own identities!
  • THEY HAVE A LOT OF LOVE FOR THEIR FANS! They really do seem to have a lot of appreciation for their fans. They acknowledge that if it wasn’t for their fans they wouldn’t be where they are today!
  • THEY ARE INSPIRING. As a young girl the Spice Girls were my among my first female heroes. As I said above they did things differently to the many carbon copy girl groups of the nineties!
  • THEIR SONGS ARE AWESOME. How many bands could have a sell out stadium tour with songs that spanned three albums? The last album having been released 19 years ago! Yeah, that’s pretty epic!
  • I JUST LOVE THEM, OKAY? Yeah. I really do. I had an awesome time at the concert and hearing all their greatest hits made me so happy!