Cassius Updates

Cassius @ 18 Months

Well we have finally hit the toddler stage of life with Cassius! 18 months with him have flown by. There have been a fair amount of lows and they have been counterbalanced with plenty of highs!

Suitably dressed for the winter weather – January 2019

In my previous posts I mentioned how Cassius had yet to have any teeth appear! Well we finally had a tooth emerge at 16 months! He then had another 4 emerge! He is looking wonderfully adorable with his little toothy grin! I am still continuing to breastfeed Cassius (alongside his big sis!). The plan is to continue until at least 2 years, especially as he has a cows milk protein allergy and then see what happens from there!

Enjoying the swings! – February 2019

Cassius has a few current favourite things these include: Boob, of course! He is still loving his food especially, fish fingers, blueberries, corn on the cob, garlic bread and chocolate (dairy free!)

Dressed up for World Book Day as “Elmer the Elephant” – March 2019

New skills have emerged in the last few months. Cassius is fully walking now, even running at times! He enjoys climbing, clapping, waving, high fives, dancing, singing and looking through books! He has some words, he is not yet as vocal as his big sister was at this age but I’m not concerned yet! Words he says are “Hiya”, “Dadda”, “Gaga”, “Nanna”, “Mumma”, “Jack”, “Googie (Boobie)” and “Yeah”.

Exploring the sandpit at the park – April 2019

So there we have it! A few snippets of Cassius in the last 3 months! The next update will be January 2020 when Cassius is around 2 years old!

Having fun at Nanny & Po’s House – May 2019
Enjoying the seesaw at the park – June 2019