Creating Rhythms: Summer Season Display

It has taken me longer than I had hoped to do this post. Unfortunately, the weeks leading up to the Summer break weren’t great for me but now the holidays are here I am ready to get stuck back into creating seasonal rhythms with my children. Here is the “Summer Season Display” I have set up for the children to admire and explore. It is, as you may notice, mainly books at the moment. I am hoping to add some “treasures” from our days out this Summer and perhaps pick some wild flowers to put in a vase!

Books I have chosen to display for the children to look at include…

  • “Ten Little Ladybirds” by Melanie GirthThis is a lovely, tactile book that involves counting down as the insects disappear. This has been popular in our household since Aoife was a baby. In fact, this is our second copy as the first copy didn’t survive Aoife’s heavy-handed stage!
  • “The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day” by Jessica Courtney-Tickle – This is an absolutely stunning book! The illustrations are beautiful and the snippets of Vivaldi’s music are so enriching for children. This is one of Aoife’s favourite books. There are more in the series I am hoping to purchase!
  • “I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree” – A Collection of Poems Compiled by Fiona Waters – This is another form favourite of Aoife’s. As often as I can I try to read the day’s poem to the children whilst we are sat having breakfast. A sort of lose version of Morning Time.
  • “The Nature Year: June/July/August” – I found this collection of books in a local charity shop. They are non-fiction and discuss animal habits during these months all around the world!
  • “The A-Z of Nature Verse” – I found this small collection of poems also in a charity shop (I believe the same as the one I mentioned above!)
  • “Summer” by Gerda Muller – These wordless books are lovely and great for all ages! Cassius enjoys looking at the pictures and as they are board books they are robust enough for him to handle. Aoife likes to talk about what is happening in the drawings and links this to her own experiences.

I have also included a plant that was kept on our bathroom window sill, a scented Grimms doll, a candle to light at breakfast and a framed Art Card from the Usborne ‘Famous Paintings’ (Art Cards)

I hope this gives you some inspiration if you are looking to introduce similar things to your own young children! I have been heavily influenced by Eloise of Frida Be Mighty and her wonderful parenting courses. If this is your type of thing I highly recommend booking onto the Rhythm in the Home course and A Beautiful Childhood course next time they open up!

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    1. It is a stunning collection of poetry! My daughter looks forward to seeing what each poem will be every morning!


    1. We try and do this with each seasonal change 🙂 the kids always look forward to it!


  1. I really like the sound of the A-Z poem book – my eldest daughter learnt a poem at nursery recently and is now really interested by them 🙂

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