Surviving A Family Holiday With Young Children!

As soon of you may have seen from my instagram account during the first week of the summer holidays we went on a family holiday to Bude in Cornwall. It was your average family holiday I must admit as there were seventeen (thirteen adults, two preteens and two under the age of four!) of us staying in a lovely eight bedroom house! Considering this it was a lovely holiday, the weather was lovely and the town of Bude was so lovely. Made me consider wanting to move down there! Anyway back to the post in hand… surviving a holiday with young children! Here are some of my top tips!

1. Make sure there are loads of snacks about at all times. Going to the beach? Pack snacks! Going to the park? Pack snacks! Chilling in the garden? Have snacks on your person at all times!

2. Scope out child-friendly pubs/restaurants! There is nothing worse than going somewhere for food and drink that isn’t accommodating for children! I will admit on our last night we went for a big family meal but myself and Luke ended up back at the house early because we just couldn’t settle or entertain the kids.

3. Don’t stress about keeping to routine. But also don’t worry if the children stick with routine themselves! On our holiday Cassius still needed to be rocked off in the buggy, Aoife wanted a bedtime story and cuddles to go sleep and they wanted cereal every morning for breakfast!

4. Look out for the local soft play! Always comes in handy on a rainy day if there isn’t much else to do!

5. Stick with boundaries/discipline as you would at home. Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you need to say “yes” to everything.

6. Enjoy quality time together. Lessen those expectations. Just be in the moment. You are on holiday with young children, it will be stressful. There will be tantrums (from the parents as well as the kids) but that is a part of life. The memories made will last forever.

7. Make the most of being in nature. One of the things I loved most about the holiday was being outdoors and exploring nature in somewhere so rural compared to where we live!

8. Look out for the local playground. Again a handy boredom buster for the kids!

9. Indulge in “Me-time”. We were incredibly lucky that on one of the nights of our holiday my parents offered to watch the kids so Luke and I could have a night off. It was much needed as we don’t get the opportunity very often!

I hope you found these handy!

What are your tips for a family holiday with young children? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Surviving A Family Holiday With Young Children!

  1. Great tips! Kids can really make or break a holiday so knowing how to handle them is absolutely necessary. 🙂

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  2. Sounds familiar! I always carry enough snacks with my to survive Armageddon, lol. And I’m a lot more relaxed about routines too when we are on holiday.

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  3. lol but having little kids will give the adventure more fun, I remember losing my phone because my niece threw it on a bucket of water, I ended up having a new phone haha

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  4. I was so gutted to be the first to comment as I was looking forward to reading all the tips haha! I’m going away at the end of August with my daughter, step mum and Dad and it will just be me as my Dad is just excited all the time around her, so I know I’ll be the only one worrying about if she sleeps and feeding her well and not just pizza’s and ice cream haha.
    So lovely your parents gave you guys a night off as that’s always nice to recharge and do something with the other half!

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