Aoife, On Your Fourth Birthday


As I write this I have just forfeited the bedtime battle as, if I am very honest with you, I couldn’t cope with the whining any longer. This, however, does not mean that I love you any less. If anything, I love you more each and every day, which I did not think was possible.


You are cheeky, sassy, incredibly stubborn, independent and beautiful. All traits that will make you an amazing woman if they are nourished in the right way. Something that myself and your daddy, and all the other wonderful adults in your life, hope to succeed in.


This birthday is a big deal. You are going to be four years old. FOUR! I cannot fathom how four years have passed by so quickly! They have been equally amazing and shit! The shit parts being all the better for your existence, and Cassius’ of course.

In the next year you will be starting primary school. A massive journey in your life. Although as an adult it seems insignificant, those primary school years will be vital to moulding you into the person you will be as an adult. That terrifies me and excites me in equal measure.


You are an amazing big sister and a wonderful cousin. You are loving, caring and so full of knowledge that I would never have expected someone so young to hold onto.

I have days where you drive me around the bend, but always know I love you unconditionally. I will always be here for you. To support you through all your life experiences, no matter how small.


I love you, my darling girl.

Happy 4th Birthday Aoife!

Love Mummy.