How To Have An Eco-Friendly Children’s Party

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable are words we are hearing more and more in the current awareness of climate change. I do my best in our everyday life to be more sustainable in our choices for home but one area I have never thought about is children’s birthday parties! Aoife’s 4th birthday was on Friday and yesterday we held a birthday part for her! Here are some of the changes I made to traditional single use party wear for her party.

  1. Invites – Rather than sending out paper invites, I invited family and friends by creating a Whatsapp group! What better way to save on paper! Other people I know have created groups or events via Facebook and other social media.
  2. Tableware – Traditionally I have always bought paper plates and cups for parties, this year however I used the wonderful Leicester Eco Party Packages. She offers a great service for reusable tableware and cutlery. Including jugs and trays for food.
  3. Cake – Instead of buying a cake from a store, this year we made our own cake for Aoife. I can’t claim that it is perfect but there isn’t anything quite like a homemade cake!
  4. Pass the Parcel – This is the first year we have done pass the parcel and as above the fabulous Leicester Eco Party Packages offer a set of reusable pass the parcel bags with their packages. I jumped at this because the idea of wasting all that paper made me cringe!
  5. Party Bags – This year I went for paper bags and added in a few little goodies for the children!

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